February 5, 2013

Tuesday Daybook

 It`s wintry cold. Not a deep freeze, just pleasant enough to bundle up and go for a walk. It is snowing lightly...

I am thinking:
About Kiki`s basketball coach, but since I decided to remember only good things in this blog, I won`t be writing about it, nothing pleasant.

I am creating:
Craft for tomorrow`s Girl Club meeting.

 I am thankful:
For Kubus` good night sleep. I woke up next to my hubby for a change. I think it is a first time this year...

In school:
No Seussical rehearsal for Kiki, which means extra time at home; some logic problems for her; for Zuzanna finishing biography assignment, her choice Jacques Cousteau, yes she is fascinated by everything what`s under the water :)

In the kitchen:
 Baking my bread, and making plans for dinner. The paleo roast pork, and oven roasted potatoes, carrots, onions. Good stuff!

Around the house:
The laundry is in the washer, the beds are made, a floor man is coming to look into the installing the wooden one.

For the teatime:
I think the freshly bread with butter and hot cocoa will be enough, don`t you agree?

I am learning:
Few photography tips, yes I know, it is getting boring.

Plans for this week:
A lot of social life :) tomorrow - Girl Club meeting, Thursday - playgroup in the morning, MNO in the evening, Friday - father/daughter dance for Kiki.

 I am still reading:
 The Dirty Life, I gotta say, after the first impression of blissful life on the farm I realized that the account is as raw as it gets. From waking up at 3:50am, through dirt, cold, heat, to much rain, forest of weeds, flies, rats, hand milking, fixing tools and finishing up with eating bull`s testicles, it is amazingly well written real life drama. I do not think I worked as hard one day in my life.

Toward the spiritual growing:
Just Mass readings for a day, more next week, Lent is coming.

Taking care of my body:
Hmm, feeling a little under the weather since Saturday. I have to drink more water, take vitamin D and completely avoid grains. As for exercising, my personal trainer is waiting ( Wii edition:)). She won`t be happy, I skipped the Sunday workout.

The picture I am sharing:

Little brother sneaking into sisters room to play with Little Pets Shop:)

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