February 12, 2013

Tuesday daybook and Mardi Gras...

Outside the window:
Even after yesterday rain, there is still plenty of snow to last until March, I do not mind, I am looking forward the weekend and school vacation. There is skiing for me planned, this time in woods:)

In the house:
Post Nemo cleaning, plenty of snow clothes to put away, laundry in the washer and dryer.

In schools:
 Looks like winter vacation is already underway, just few days break from it in school. Last Friday day off, yesterday day off, today one hour delay for some. Enough time to make some Mardi Gras masks before school:)

I am more and more convinced that homeschooling would work for us. I see so many possibilities, so much more one on one learning, pursuit of one`s own interests.

I am going to follow Elizabeth`s plan. It is really good. Just find time...sigh. School vacation , maybe?

 I am thinking:
A lot of things, Lent, Valentine`s Day, pope resignations, Kubus` "asthma attacks"? Thoughts all over...

As sweet as always. We visited our neighborhood library and spent over an hour socializing ( I must be getting the cabin fever ) .Of course we checked out a couple of books including truck book, history, fish, fairies. Variety of them! Then I did a little shoveling. Kubus insisted on taking a ride in his little car, so we did :)

Enjoyed his snow day too:) More snow days to come next week. Maybe on slopes!

From the kitchen:
Mardi Gras today. After Fat Thursday I think we can still celebrate. I was thinking about Gumbo, but I am short on ingredients and family car...Bourbon Street Chicken, sounds New Orleans, doesn`t it? Making Mardi Gras macaroons. The girls helped with frosting them in green, violet and yellow, couldn't stop from licking it:)

Toward the physical health:
I have mentioned that I was shoveling, haven`t I?

Toward spiritual growth:
Ash Wednesday tomorrow...

I am reading:
Nothing today, but few books are waiting.

Plans for the rest of the week:
Hmm, Ash Wednesday tomorrow with school Mass at Kiki`s. Valentine Day after, so much for fasting...

Friday - the postponed father/ daughter dance. It is not going to happen, God first. Partying and meat on Fridays during Lent, it not our idea of living Lent. I am disappointed. It is a Catholic school after all...

Did I mentioned that the winter vacation is about to start again? A lot of plans there!

Pictures I am sharing:)


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