March 19, 2015

The sign of Spring?

Not this one...

...not that one either, however happy, and sunny he might look...
...but this one! It took me a while to find it, after digging through old leaves and dirt!


March 8, 2015

Another run

Enjoying once again few of my favorite things. Outdoors, skiing and photography.
Andrzej says I am having the most fun of all. 
And there might be more. The season isn't over yet....


March 5, 2015

Without the title...

After cleaning the driveway and other passages for the third time this week and X time this winter, I have decided that instead of fighting unwinnable war against the snow, I might just embrace it for once, hoping that it is the last breath of the winter.

I took the camera and worked on polishing my photography skills.

However, after venturing through the piles of heavy and deep snow I don't know if I accomplished that, but nevertheless I have captured the enormous amount of whiteness and a happy face of my cute and not so little boy !

I am posting it again for my winter deprived family and friends.


By the way, Kubus is the only member of this family who still enjoys the falling snow and gets very excited when it is time to go out and shovel again!

March 3, 2015

My winter pictures...

...for family and friends in Poland. But please stop being jealous , we can't take it anymore and the snow keeps falling!


March 2, 2015

And 14...

Without asking anybody permission, Kateri turned 14 last Saturday :)

While I would like to "sing" praises about her, I won't, because even though she is my child and I love her dearly, I am quite aware her being just "Kiki", as we call her.
She is just one of many 14 year old trying to grow up to fast and have their own views of the World.

I am very much aware how much work is ahead of me to shape her right and make her grow while weeding the nastiness around her.

She is outgoing person with a lot of talents but also quite a big load of laziness and procrastination:)
Anybody with me?

One thing that will keep me shocking I think forever is her love and ability for writing.
She loves the fiction genre and every time I keep reading something, my jaw keeps dropping!
I would say that I am being subjective, but she gets constant praises from her writing teacher, who said that he would never believe that an 8 grader can write like that.

It has been a dream of hers for the last few years as well as a games designer. I do hope her dream will come true.

So while I might have my own dreams for her, she is her own person and as long as she grows up to be a loving, compassionate person with only a good on her mind and kind, pure heart while having her eyes fixed on ultimate reward, which is heaven, I'll say I raised her right!

Happy Birthday Kateri, enjoy the next year of your precious life as much as you can do!