August 22, 2015

After the camp

The camp was wonderful.
We picked Zuzia up today from her summer adventure. She is again full of memories of great time and new friends.
But as we came home she announced to be happy to sleep in her own bed and hopefully to sleep long :)

All the kids together again!

Just having picnic

Beautiful place!

Family tradition: Ice cream in the gazebo in Meredith; these are the small things that count, right?



August 20, 2015

Prudence Island

We finally made it the Prudence Island. Only after 10 years of planning!
Thanks to our gracious friends how hosted us there and drove wherever we wanted to, we were able to visit the whole island in just few hours.
We did not take our car, supposedly the ferry reservation had to be done a month in advance .

Nice place with one drawback. From everywhere you could see the land on the other side. A little too close to feel like on a real island:)

On the ferry

Starting a nature walk

We found a rocky, secluded empty beach !

Looking for crabs

Getting new "pets" !


August 18, 2015

Camp and the hike

On the camp grounds.
Zuzia's cabin.

Enjoying the Lake Squam view!

The six year of Camp Mattakeesett for my girls has already started.
Actually for Zuzia; Kiki was done a year ago. She outgrew it!
Next year she can attend as a counselor in training :)

This year we couldn't stay in NH for the rest of the week, but we decided to take a short, very hot and incredibly sweaty hike to the West Rattlesnake mountain ( did not see any rattlesnakes; very pleasant path ) and enjoy a gorgeous view of the Lake Squam.
Next time we drive up to NH is going to be on Saturday. I am already missing my Zuzia !:(


August 10, 2015

Ninigret Wildlife Refuge

Our yearly visit to Ninigret happened past Sunday.

We had a couple of ideas for this past weekend and eventually we ended up with the one closest home.

Nobody complained!
Well let me changed that Kubus had a bad day from the early start to the late evening so let's just say almost nobody complained.

I had my dose of photographing wild flowers. I did not do it for quite a while!