April 28, 2017

More of Washington

From the Botanical Garden we have proceeded to Natural History museum ( did not like it that much ), the Archives and Gallery of Art. The Gallery of Art was something to look at. One could spend days there !

"Hope" diamond

Da Vinci

A little bit of Botticelli



A wall of Van Gogh


April 24, 2017

Spring break

The Spring vacation followed the Easter this year and our vacation trip started that day.
I was very sorry to "waste" such a glorious day for traveling but there was not really other option.
The Washington DC was in our plans since three years ago if not longer. Finally we made it.
I gotta admit that the timing was right. Kubus was old enough to enjoy it. Actually he enjoyed it too much because he wants to move there and he says he is missing it :)
With so many interesting places to visit we had to pick and chose and sometimes do it in the hurry.
So we started with Supreme Court building, Library of Congress and Botanical Garden. For now...
In front of Supreme Court; the first day of new judge Gorsuch

Inside the Library of Congress

Gutenberg Bible !

At the Botanical Garden