July 24, 2014

Theme Thursday: Trails

I would also add, throwback Thursday!
We are getting ready to visit the beautiful Acadia in Maine.
Last time we visited this place was eleven years ago. We had two and a half year old Kiki, and she hiked on Andrzej's back.
This year we have three children. Andrzej's back we be occupied by Kubus this time and let's hope that it won't give up!
The pictures are from 2003. The quality has no value, but the memories of the trails are priceless!
Joining Cari, for TTh edition.


July 21, 2014

Sunday afternoon

Beavertail state park.
Andrzej's favorite place in Rhode Island and Zuzia's.
I think she really likes it too. It must be the crabs, periwinkles, rocks and little aquarium.
We may not be coming there quickly though...

I got excited about finding the kite in the car trunk.
It flew so flawlessly and high; but I trusted a three year old who was shouting " by myself, leave me alone!" So I did, for a second, and it was enough to lose it.
I could chose to follow the kite, which ended up in prickly thicket, or stay with Kubus. Motherly instinct kicked in; I stayed with my boy because the rest if the family was involved in other activities.

Needless to say that the kite was lost; I retrieved just a string.
It made the little boy very, very unhappy:(
We left the place. We are not coming back there this year.

Few pictures, before the drama unfolded...


Many faces of the overcast coast


  The kids , minus the teenager. The teenagers tend to be camera shy :)


July 19, 2014

Free Fun Friday #2

I am dusting off this blog. I'll bet my dad is checking few times a day if I updated anything...
I am surprised that I haven't gotten any e-mail yet asking what is going on:)

The summer, lazy days of summer! So far few day trips, a lot of reading, library programs, swimming, biking, running, violin lessons for Kiki and so on. Oh, and of course World Cup, on which I am planning to spend more time writing. One day.

Yesterday I had a chance to take kids to Eric Carle museum in Amherst and museums in Springfield in MA. I have to say I was anxious a little. Usually I don't drive far out of state by myself. But this time it was a choice between me driving by myself or not going anywhere!
Andrzej unfortunately has limited days of vacation, and with the two trips ( yay! ) coming up, he most likely will be done for this year. Almost...
Nevertheless I braved out. I told Kiki that I needed her help, which she took really seriously and I did not have one bit of complaining from her, and we went to MA! The weather was delightful, the drive was uneventful, although tiring, and kids, mostly Zuzia, had some good time visiting new places.
I think I will do those "all by myself" trips, more often!