July 21, 2014

Sunday afternoon

Beavertail state park.
Andrzej's favorite place in Rhode Island and Zuzia's.
I think she really likes it too. It must be the crabs, periwinkles, rocks and little aquarium.
We may not be coming there quickly though...

I got excited about finding the kite in the car trunk.
It flew so flawlessly and high; but I trusted a three year old who was shouting " by myself, leave me alone!" So I did, for a second, and it was enough to lose it.
I could chose to follow the kite, which ended up in prickly thicket, or stay with Kubus. Motherly instinct kicked in; I stayed with my boy because the rest if the family was involved in other activities.

Needless to say that the kite was lost; I retrieved just a string.
It made the little boy very, very unhappy:(
We left the place. We are not coming back there this year.

Few pictures, before the drama unfolded...


Many faces of the overcast coast


  The kids , minus the teenager. The teenagers tend to be camera shy :)


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