July 24, 2014

Theme Thursday: Trails

I would also add, throwback Thursday!
We are getting ready to visit the beautiful Acadia in Maine.
Last time we visited this place was eleven years ago. We had two and a half year old Kiki, and she hiked on Andrzej's back.
This year we have three children. Andrzej's back we be occupied by Kubus this time and let's hope that it won't give up!
The pictures are from 2003. The quality has no value, but the memories of the trails are priceless!
Joining Cari, for TTh edition.



  1. That is so thoughtfully said, about the qualities having no value but the memories being priceless. Enjoy your upcoming hike!

    1. I hope we will! The toddler in the pictures grew up to be a very reluctant hiker...

  2. Priceless memories. Exactly right. Love these!