August 3, 2014

The cottage

This year for our summer vacation we ended up in Maine.
It was my idea, and we did not even know until three weeks ago that we are going. I guess Andrzej counted his vacation days and realized that he can do it.
We have visited Maine a couple times already, but the last time we ended up in Acadia region, was eleven years ago.
 It was time to refresh the memories with three kids in tow this time.

As for Acadia itself, I will write another time...

Last year I was terribly dissatisfied with the cabin, this year an opposite story !
It was still small to feel close to each other but big enough to have a little of own space.
Andrzej loved the yard and his favorite time was morning reading with a cup of coffee.
 Zuzia enjoyed the swing and Kubus enjoyed sand box and totally different form his own, trucks.
The owners lived close by, and were the most welcoming and gracious people one could meet. They treated us ( and I believe every other guest ) as their family.
The place was very close to the Lamoine State Beach where every evening we took a walk, and either look for crabs and other sea creature ( we were lucky to have a low tide ) or fly a kite.
Of course the vacation would not be complete with roasting marshmallows, and unplanned ride in CW's Model T year 1924 car, made it more enjoyable !



P.S. It was a very chilly vacation, the swimsuits that I had packed should had been replaced with extra pair of long sleeve pants and shirts. But I did not hear anybody complaining about that! K.

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