August 4, 2014


Camden is this kind of place that I want to get away to.
I have been dreaming ( hopelessly ) to spend a nice weekend with Andrzej without children for a change. First, maybe for the 15th anniversary, then maybe for 20th, now just, anytime, please!!!
But I know it is still long way away. The kids are too young to leave them alone, and one of the downsides of being far, far away from the family, is the fact that there is nobody that I could leave our kids with for a couple nights.

First time we visited Camden was twelve years ago. We spend the long weekend there with little Kiki, who did not protest much, and was happily sleeping in the backpack while climbing a hill in the close by state park.
The view from there was spectacular; right at the beautiful harbor!
This time we stopped on the way to Acadia. It was busy Saturday, crowded with tourists and probably being the warmest day of all days spend in Maine.
It was good time visiting, snapping pictures and cooling down with some homemade, local ice cream :)



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