December 29, 2014

Winter walk

What I liked the most about the past Christmas family break ( girls are still on a break, Andrzej is not ) is that we made an effort of enjoying outdoor everyday. It put us in better shape and much better spirit. And we slept better too :)
From a walk along a bay...


December 28, 2014

The Lights of La Sallette...

... during Christmas season are beautiful enough to make people forget about waiting hours in bad traffic and wanting to see them. We had a lot of time, but at some point Andrzej was ready to turn around. That how bad it was.
But he did not, and we got to enjoy walking on the grounds of La Sallette shrine and admiring this awesome festival of lights!!!


December 27, 2014

On the second day of Christmas...

...I and Andrzej celebrated our Twenty First wedding anniversary. I hope that we will be blessed with twice as many years together still!

We did not get away for an overnight trip. It should come in a couple years.

I feel lucky to have Kateri old enough to babysit for a couple hours. We were able to have a date evening !

But during the day was all family, and since we had promised Zuzanna to visit Bass Pro Shop, we took a trip "up north".
Well I have to say , that I did not know that this place is so much fun and does not require shopping.
On the other hand one might suddenly develop a need for some hunting/winter camping/ice fishing experience !
We did not do that, but instead enjoyed a walk in cranberry fields right behind the store.
It was very refreshing and lovely .


December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

No time for words. Just few pictures. Too few.
With this spring like weather and happy moods there should be more of them!

Getting ready for Polish Wigilia !

 Christmas morning before...
...and after !
Blessed and Very Merry Christmas,

December 23, 2014

On the last days before Christmas...

...we are decorating!


December 14, 2014

Gaudete Sunday

The pink candle...
...Jesse Tree... favorite Christmas story.

December 13, 2014

St. Lucia Day 2014

Due to a broken oven door, for the first time ever we had to rely on bought (sic!) buns for breakfast.
On the other hand, it did not make much difference.
After a later delivery, the new functioning oven is in process of baking St. Lucia Wreath for tomorrow breakfast. Who says we can't do it twice ???


December 9, 2014

Our Advent so far... going rather smoothly :

Jesse Tree keeps getting ornaments .

Sometimes the packaging is more interesting than its contents :)
I just caught one happy camper on St. Nicholas Day morning !

The same day, gifts from babcia :)
Cold and shaky evening sky.
Two candles for second Sunday of Advent.

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day !
Keep your Advent blessed,
Kinga :)