March 26, 2014

Yarn Along and the return of the winter

I shouldn't have put return; the winter hasn't left us yet!

At this point I am not counting for spring. Instead I am counting the days that left for our trip to Texas!!! OMG, I can't wait!
But for now we are still wearing winter coats and hats and mittens. And quite all right, because my last knitting project was winter-y. I have made a cozy, warm vest for Kubus. He is my model child, and wears it very proudly:)

The vest is a little too big, but since my boy is growing, and the weather outside is not improving, he can wear it for at least a year!
My next project is a spring project for Zuzia. However with the things that are right now, she might not be able to wear it this year!

Recently I have read few excellent books.
First there was  "The Shadow of His Wings" by father Gereon Goldmann. I have followed Jennifer Fulwiler's suggestion, and I was not sorry.

It is a non fiction story of Nazi priest, who did everything in his power to define the Nazis, and was even involved in plot to kill Hitler. It is a story of strong faith and power of prayer.

Then I have read "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand and I am still under the spell of the incredible zeal for living of Louis Zamperini and incredible lesson in forgiveness. Truly Christian message!

I love non fiction books. There is nothing better than a real life story. Even the best fiction writer would not be able to compete with the mysterious ways of life.

It is also very difficult for me to start another book after reading an excellent story. I always feel like the next book wont measure up to the last one.

I had one waiting for me to read, but only after Ginny's last week sharing, I started reading it. It was because she was reading the same exact book that was waiting for me, "Shirt of Flame " by Heather King. It is a very good spiritual reading.

I must say that for the last few months I am being led by God's merciful Providence! Somehow I am surrounded by people who help me a lot in my struggles with depression and severe anxiety. They help me either by gentle advice or reading suggestion. People that I meet in person or read their advice online. I feel like I am going through some kind of renewal. But that is a story for another post.

For today I am joining Ginny in Yarn Along adventures.


March 25, 2014


"If you give a little boy a vacuum cleaner, he will keep cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning...":)

Well, he is my first child who actually is doing some kind of work in the house.
The thirteen and eight year old girls try to convince me that they don't know how...


March 23, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real } The playroom makeover

Inspired by watching way too many shows on HGTV, I have finally decided to go to so called playroom and organize it a little.

When we bought the house thirteen years ago, the basement was unfinished. At that point we thought that finishing it would be silly. Who wants to spend time in basement???

We had only Kiki at that time. When Zuzia was born, eight and a half years ago, we changed our minds. We have divided the space in half. One for storage room, one for a playroom.

It was a good call. Plenty of space to run or kick a ball or ride a bike. Also great for birthday parties and messing up. In time we put there a ping pong table. We had fun playing, I and Andrzej. I never had a chance to win though...

Then Kubus came. All of a sudden the place got crowded. We put the table up, move in baby toys, added extra craft things, and slowly, slowly the room was changing into another storage room; two years ago I added a sewing machine and let's just say that the piles grew on.

The last couple of months I put my mind into cleaning it up; but only mind, not hands.
Last Friday I got a surge of energy and finally came through.
It took me whole Saturday to clean it, but the kids love it. I like it so much better too.

I could have done better job and invest in better looking furniture. But I did not want to spend money.
I worked with the furniture that I already had. My only investment was time, and few dollars on storage boxes and paints.

One day when children outgrow their baby/preschooler/elementary age, we will adjust to their needs. It should be perfect for them and their friends to hang out.
But that is in the future.
For now it is a playroom for little ones.

This makeover is a subject of {phfr} as I join Like Mother Like Daughter in capturing the context of contentment in every day life.

{funny, real}

I am going to start from the end. The real mess is easy to see and as for funny, well, funny that somebody can call that place a playroom at that point!!!
 {pretty, happy}


 I have removed the ping pong table, painted few flowers on the, somewhat scratched, walls.
The toys have their corner. There is a place for reading under the leaf and sewing table looks much cleaner too.
I still have to paint some creatures on the empty wall; three, each according to my kids liking.

The last thing I want add is a bean bag for comfy reading and relaxing.

Other than that, my kids have to keep it clean and organize, but if it is going to last, that's another story, and I am not going to worry about it now!

March 10, 2014


I have already mentioned Kateri's birthday. My next step was to show off  write about her birthday party. It took me awhile...

Since it was her thirteen birthday, and the year of birthday bash, ( I try to make for each of my children every two years )  it was already in our plans few months ago.

After getting obsessed with   interested in "Phantom of the Opera", we decided to make a theme for the birthday.
This time I wasn't playing the perfect game organizer. At thirteen girls prefer to play and giggle on their own.
Nevertheless the invitations had to be sent, cake to be baked, and food to be prepared.
Kateri, as common for girls her age, does not like to wear dresses, yet for her birthday she really wanted a red one, like Christine, and she got one.
It was a rather small party. Few girls could not come due to different reasons, but those who came, stayed long and enjoyed Kateri's becoming of age.
They watched the movie, commented on it, felt bad for Phantom himself, and really despised Raul, ( I do not get those teenagers !) and laughed a lot. They enjoyed the cake, the masks and the roses.
I don't know if they became as big fans of "Phantom of the Opera" as Kateri is, but I know that they finished watching it without complaining:)
The invitation


The cake

Making a wish

The accessories

A rose from Phantom...

March 8, 2014

Few pics on Saturday


The last snow we had here, was three weeks ago and today it was the first day when that snow really started melting. The day was glorious, really sunny. I chose a bad moment for taking the pictures, when it turned cloudy for a little while.
Due to this rapid melt down, we got a winter pond in the backyard.
Tomorrow it supposed to get really cold again. The water will freeze.
Andrzej just might skip the skating in the ice rink with girls. They will do it on our own, very private rink:)