January 31, 2013

needle and thREAD

needle and thREAD

Today I am joining Elizabeth for needle and thREAD installment.

This week I have changed the needles...from the knitting ones to the sewing.

I have gotten bored with my plain, white, kitchen blinds long time ago. They were old, not easy to clean, not pretty in general.

It took me a while to chose fabric. I needed curtains for small garden/sink window. Something bright and happy.
Last week I thought I have found a perfect match.
Colorful and dotted with a little bit of blue to match kitchen counter top.

Now I think I overdid it. I am not very pleased with my choice. But for now it has to be.
Maybe it will grow on me, because altogether I think it still looks better than blinds.

As for a book I have started "The Dirty Life", even though I still have few chapters left of "Word on Fire".

 "The Dirty Life" is a memoir of farming, food and love, of  a city girl falling in love with a farmer and subsequently with the land.
The book speaks to me. No, there is not a chance to move to the farm anytime soon, but even though we live in the city, we still make time and space in our backyard to grow and tend few vegetables. Nothing beats the taste of fresh tomato from the vine or a potato from the side yard and the satisfaction at the dinner table, where half of the contents of the plate come from one`s own garden.

This year I have bold plans to make my garden bigger .
I hope to learn something new by the time I finish the book.


January 30, 2013


Wednesdays are for...

...freshly baked bread...


...with milk...
...and a long walk after school:)

P. S. The cookies with milk were met with approval:) The long walk with some resistance. But I gave them no choice. 

January 29, 2013


I took quite seriously the photography thing.

Today after my regular morning routine, consisting of preparing four different breakfasts and three lunches, and sending some to work, some to school, I have settled down, with a cup of coffee in my hand, to learn something new. From Internet...

One thing led to another and all of a sudden it was too late. Too late for Kubus story time, that is.

So instead we went for a venture in the park.

With temperature above freezing, the snow was melting and dripping down from the trees. Ducks and geese made a lot of happy noise. The lake has started the melting process, for now...

The instead was good. It turned out better than expected. My little boy got his cheeks rosy, and I had a chance of learning.

So it happened that we ended up in the library anyway. Not for story time, but for favorite puzzle time and watching trucks going down the street. Our library has an excellent view of busy street. Perfect for little boys.

Sometimes it is good to be late:)

January 28, 2013

Manual Mode Monday

One of the great things about blogging, is posting pictures.
That has seriously motivated me to learn more about taking pictures.

So for today I am joining Manual Mode Monday @ Amongst Lovely Things.

Here are my first official Manual Mode Picture.

I have named it "Rhododendron in Winter".

1/250 F5.6 ISO 800 

P.S. Please have in mind that I do have a LOT to LEARN :)

January 27, 2013


I have mentioned already, that shopping is not my thing. Shopping for clothes is especially dreadful.
I am lacking a female companion. I have tried it with my girls but they seem to share" the doubtful love of shopping" with me.

But it is different with Ikea. There is something about this store that is special. I do not know if it`s the price, or uniqueness or the simple forms, or the colors or maybe the European feeling and $1 ice cream afterwards:) I do like shopping there...today after a long absence in that particular store, I have begged my husband to go there.

So after mass in two different churches, Kiki`s chorus and CCD classes , and baking my daily bread ( literally )...

...we got on the road to Massachusetts. Yep, we had to leave our "lovely" state of RI. It was 50 minutes drive there with a very private concert of Taylor Swift, both ways:) We have three big fans of this talented singer, including Kubus:)

My main excuse reason for shopping in Ikea store was furniture.We really have to update our living room. However to the uniqueness of our living room and size of the new TV, I was welcomed there with a huge disappointment. So instead of  the new entertainment center that I saw in my mind altogether with pictures on the shelves, Japanese dolls and nicely organized books according to the subject, we came back with this eclectic mess...

I promise, we`ll put it to the good use:)


January 26, 2013

Not exactly as I planned...

I was hoping for pictures. A lot of them. I wanted to create "Saturday in photos".

Somewhere before lunch I gave up. Too many things to do, too few occasions to photograph, camera out of reach etc.

But I have decided to post whatever I have captured anyway. It is not about being perfect, it is about creating memories, even though they might not seem very important.

So here it is my not perfect part of  incomplete Saturday:)

                                                                           Hot cocoa and coffee ready for the skiers


Watching birds from Kubus` window
Kubus and his trucks
It is Saturday after all:)
Zuzia couldn`t go skiing today so she worked on pulleys...
...and sea serpent :)

January 25, 2013

This moment...


. . . . . . . . . .
{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember...:)

January 24, 2013

Needle and thREAD... and chicken broth.

needle and thREAD

I am participating today in "needle and thREAD" . I`ve even grabbed the button:)
I am joining the community of readers and needle holders, however that needle might look like...

This week I went for something  spiritual ( last week I`d read "Matched " - not spiritual :)).

The book is "Word on Fire - proclaiming the power of Christ "by father Robert Barron.
In the "Year of Faith" it seemed like a perfect choice.


As for needle(ing), I am still working on the hat. It WILL be done by Sunday. I am working with Lion Brand Yarn. The pattern is chunky cabled hat. I decided not to do the cable, and I am working on circular needles and later I will use double pointed ones.


 I have mentioned that we are healthy so far, but I have spoken too soon...Zuzia has a cold:(


 I am keeping her home today even though majority of parents would send her to school...

Here is  why I won`t:

1. I want her to rest.
2. Other kids want to stay healthy.
3. Maybe I just need an excuse for homeschooling.
4. She has skiing class on Saturday, I can school her at home, but she can`t ski here:)
    so  she needs to get better...

 So  that is a reason for chicken broth cooking today on my stove, and that`s  what`s for dinner tonight:)



January 23, 2013

The deep freeze...

... as for New England standards of course. I guess it depends on where you live . For example our 16 F feels like heat wave to the Minnesota with -34F right now, but it is cold anyway...

                                                        It`s cozy inside for this little birdie:)

To shop or not shop, was my morning dilemma, but I knew I have to finally hit the stores.
In previous posts I promised to go shopping, yet was lucky to skip it. This time I had to...

I wasn`t really torturing myself, after all Trader Joe`s is my favorite grocery store and I run out off coffee, Kiki requested bacon, because we run out off it too, and if you know her, that`s one of her favorite foods, and I couldn`t agree more. Everything tastes better with bacon, even chocolate.
OK, the last one I did not try yet, but will do it before Valentine`s Day. It should go well with red wine...
Going back to my shopping, I had to use the gymbucks, and  those who used them before, know what an awesome deal is it, and there was fabric to be bought for Kiki`s Mrs. Major costume, which I really have to start sewing.

The trip was fast thanks to almost empty roads and not very busy stores.
So either everybody is having flu, or it  is too cold to get out:)

Shopping made my little man tired. He fell asleep in the car, I didn`t even try to undress him...

Later we managed to make luna bars for our "tea less tea time".


                                             Kubus mixing rice crispies with almond butter, honey and vanilla.


                                                        Then cleaning the bowl. He approved the bars...wanted more:)
The idea of making time for tea, came from an inspiring blog that I am reading,
 I am really trying to make an effort to include it in our lives.
It happens maybe two times a week, on the days without afternoon activities.


So today is Wednesday and Wednesdays work well for us. It is not perfect...girls want to run away to their "free time entertainment" after school, but I want them to slow down a little, enjoy 10 minutes ( the most ) with mama and each other, and relax while having something yummy to eat and listening to 5 minutes of classical music for kids. I call it "tea less tea time", because even though I enjoy a cup of Earl Grey, they stick to different drinks. Today hot cocoa seemed very appropriate:)

So right now I am thankful for my warm house and healthy kids. The flu keeps away so far and I am hoping for healthy winter for a change . The cabin fever did not struck me either...:)

January 22, 2013

Two hour delay...

It was supposed to snow through the night. It has stopped around 10pm last night. By that time the schools announced two hour delay. That meant sleeping in...yet again! We woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground. I do not think my husband got a decent work out shoveling...

On the other hand my chances for attending " Time Out " for moms meeting disappeared as fast as yesterday snow clouds. But it gave me a chance to finally published the blog. Last night the title struck me : My daily bread! Yep, after a lame "Almost daily" ( Kiki`s face told me how boring it sounded ), and "Hanging in limbo until I come up with better name" ( it wasn`t an option either ), the "My daily bread" is an easy winner:).

The sun is shining, makes the day so much brighter. Girls are enjoying a short school day, and I have to change the breakfast menu for the rest of the week. How many times a week can I serve french toast?! Luckily while reading a very lovely Posie gets Cozy blog, I came upon the Blueberry Muffins that looked delicious, let`s hope they are going to taste as good as they look:) .

On  a serious note, praying today to end the abortion.

Here is a post from Leila on that sad occasion:

 A day of penace and prayer


P.S. While I was baking...

January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to my husband...

So the birthday day came, and I am not ready...
The hat won`t be knitted on time, the cake is still in its simple form and on top of that there is a lot of planned things, that have nothing to do with the celebration.

The girls have day off from school, due to MLK day. I was thinking about covering this subject in our "homeschooling on the days off from school", but I know that the topic is well taught in school and I can move on to more fun things like "Story of the World" by Susan Wise Bauer. By FUN I really mean it. I and girls like it. They are not jumping for joy, after all they are regular children, but when we sit down for a chapter of the book, they seem to absorb the stories like a sponge. For Zuzia I use the ancient times, for Kiki the modern times.

There is still extra math for both, a reading comprehension for Zuzia, two book reports and violin practice for Kiki . Then I have to drag , take them for 1,5 mile long walk and do some painting. The art seems to relax everyone. The individual reading is a must, I shouldn't even mention it here, and  it is actually a part of entertainment. Which if you ask, my kids have plenty of it. Now they are taking advantage of my blogging and are on the ...third episode of Avatar today. Courtesy of Netflix.

 Kubus is "reading" a train book.

As for now, I am behind on the schedule, but the laundry is on, dishwasher is making the swish sounds, and the beds are made. Who knows, maybe there is a chance for a piece of birthday cake after all. I won`t be going paleo for dessert today again...


P.S. The day has not ended yet, but the excitement is over. The cake is partly eaten, the hat became "a present in progress", and the girls sang their own version of Taylor Swift`s song "Twenty Two":)

Girls singing "...two"
Happy Birthday Andrzej, We love you!!!

January 20, 2013


The forecast did not come true. I was awaken by Kubus at 6:39am . Really, I checked the clock and went to his bed to snuggle. Kubus settled back to sleep I didn`t...

The morning was busy with getting ready to church, baking and another birthday party, at noon! Yes , the third one in ten days. I hope Zuzia won`t bring any new invitations in near future, after all there are not as many children in her class.

Funny, first I feel sorry that she is not invited the parties, now there are too many at once! But she loved it, and that what counts:)

 Zuzia getting ready to jump

When the two of us were gone, Kiki took care of Kubus...She gave him a manicure.
Poor champ has blue fingernails!!! Let`s hope they wash off quickly.

January 19, 2013

Weekend is here

One might think that Saturdays are for sleeping in... Not when you have children. There is always an activity to attend in the morning. In January it is skiing. In RI it is limited to a small hill, called Yawgoo Valley. My husband says you can learn skiing there. I trust him, he really, really loves skiing and he is a ski instructor, level one...

So my two girls went with tata for the skiing lessons. Zuzia announced today that she is going to learn "the grown up " style of skiing. That means no pizza stopping. It sounded very serious. Kiki is in Race Development program. She is learning a lot of new techniques, but she is still waiting to race. The competition is her thing. She loves the rush of adrenaline...

I settled down for a cup of decaf coffee and almost paleo breakfast. Few readings from my lovely Polish prayer book. A thoughtful gift from my mother in law.


Kubus is watching PBS again. No, I am not such an awful mother, He does other things too. But sometimes I do need a babysitter and so far PBS kids is reliable and inexpensive alternative:)

So it is Saturday, on Saturdays Polish born and bred women clean their houses. Just a couple of years ago I was just as crazy. The cleaning included washing ALL the floors on my KNEES in the whole house. I have wisen up since then, I do it when it is neccesary. But still dusting here and there, vacuuming and cleaning two bathrooms will take me a couple of hours. Help from a little someone, doesn`t make my work shorter:)

January 18, 2013

The beginnings are hard

My sweet boy is 2 years and 3 months today. He is enjoying the Super Y show now, and really, really tries to come up with a right letter. No, he is not talking yet, just repeating here and there. Yesterday I taught him to say I love you! The cutest thing!

So Zuzia went to school.. in her green frog pj. It is pajama day in school and she chose the handmade, capris, but not quite, 3/4 sleeve, but not quite, pajamas. The blue, with a cute poodle picture, Gymbore brand stayed home. She is making a statement and I hope nobody is going to make fun of her.
It makes her mama proud...


On the almost daily agenda, there is library with Kubus, a little bit of shopping, not my favorite, Kiki`s violin lesson and birthday party in the evening to attend. There is artisan bread to be baked and dinner to be cooked and maybe some knitting. I have to finish yet another hat for my birthday man, yet another hat ready to be lost...

So I am starting something today. The idea was growing like a seed inside my head for a couple of months already. It has sprouted with a New Year and not as a New Year resolution. I do not know if there will be a lot of crafting, cooking, afterschooling, parenting, inspiration, traveling, pictures, books to review etc. You get the picture. But I know I will try to record mine, and my family daily life, my daily bread:). I want to be able to look back and see the small joys and pains and accomplishments in our lives. And even if I won`t get the attention of the www, my dear husband promised to read it and the girls got super excited about the idea of starting a blog. If I am not mistaken it has something to do with getting famous. LOL!!! And pardon me for the grammar mistakes, after all, English is my second language and naturally I am not a writer. It is not my gift and I am OK with that now...


P.S.I skipped the library, nobody made fun of Zuzia`s pj`s, the violin class was almost a succes, the party is still going on and the bread as always came out great...half of it is already eaten:)