January 22, 2013

Two hour delay...

It was supposed to snow through the night. It has stopped around 10pm last night. By that time the schools announced two hour delay. That meant sleeping in...yet again! We woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground. I do not think my husband got a decent work out shoveling...

On the other hand my chances for attending " Time Out " for moms meeting disappeared as fast as yesterday snow clouds. But it gave me a chance to finally published the blog. Last night the title struck me : My daily bread! Yep, after a lame "Almost daily" ( Kiki`s face told me how boring it sounded ), and "Hanging in limbo until I come up with better name" ( it wasn`t an option either ), the "My daily bread" is an easy winner:).

The sun is shining, makes the day so much brighter. Girls are enjoying a short school day, and I have to change the breakfast menu for the rest of the week. How many times a week can I serve french toast?! Luckily while reading a very lovely Posie gets Cozy blog, I came upon the Blueberry Muffins that looked delicious, let`s hope they are going to taste as good as they look:) .

On  a serious note, praying today to end the abortion.

Here is a post from Leila on that sad occasion:

 A day of penace and prayer


P.S. While I was baking...


  1. Those muffins look delicious! Love your blog Kinga!