January 31, 2013

needle and thREAD

needle and thREAD

Today I am joining Elizabeth for needle and thREAD installment.

This week I have changed the needles...from the knitting ones to the sewing.

I have gotten bored with my plain, white, kitchen blinds long time ago. They were old, not easy to clean, not pretty in general.

It took me a while to chose fabric. I needed curtains for small garden/sink window. Something bright and happy.
Last week I thought I have found a perfect match.
Colorful and dotted with a little bit of blue to match kitchen counter top.

Now I think I overdid it. I am not very pleased with my choice. But for now it has to be.
Maybe it will grow on me, because altogether I think it still looks better than blinds.

As for a book I have started "The Dirty Life", even though I still have few chapters left of "Word on Fire".

 "The Dirty Life" is a memoir of farming, food and love, of  a city girl falling in love with a farmer and subsequently with the land.
The book speaks to me. No, there is not a chance to move to the farm anytime soon, but even though we live in the city, we still make time and space in our backyard to grow and tend few vegetables. Nothing beats the taste of fresh tomato from the vine or a potato from the side yard and the satisfaction at the dinner table, where half of the contents of the plate come from one`s own garden.

This year I have bold plans to make my garden bigger .
I hope to learn something new by the time I finish the book.


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