January 24, 2013

Needle and thREAD... and chicken broth.

needle and thREAD

I am participating today in "needle and thREAD" . I`ve even grabbed the button:)
I am joining the community of readers and needle holders, however that needle might look like...

This week I went for something  spiritual ( last week I`d read "Matched " - not spiritual :)).

The book is "Word on Fire - proclaiming the power of Christ "by father Robert Barron.
In the "Year of Faith" it seemed like a perfect choice.


As for needle(ing), I am still working on the hat. It WILL be done by Sunday. I am working with Lion Brand Yarn. The pattern is chunky cabled hat. I decided not to do the cable, and I am working on circular needles and later I will use double pointed ones.


 I have mentioned that we are healthy so far, but I have spoken too soon...Zuzia has a cold:(


 I am keeping her home today even though majority of parents would send her to school...

Here is  why I won`t:

1. I want her to rest.
2. Other kids want to stay healthy.
3. Maybe I just need an excuse for homeschooling.
4. She has skiing class on Saturday, I can school her at home, but she can`t ski here:)
    so  she needs to get better...

 So  that is a reason for chicken broth cooking today on my stove, and that`s  what`s for dinner tonight:)




  1. Oh that soup looks like it could heal any number of ills. I love your chunky grey yarn! And the book looks very inspiring too. Lovely to have discovered you via Ginny's yarn along!