January 19, 2013

Weekend is here

One might think that Saturdays are for sleeping in... Not when you have children. There is always an activity to attend in the morning. In January it is skiing. In RI it is limited to a small hill, called Yawgoo Valley. My husband says you can learn skiing there. I trust him, he really, really loves skiing and he is a ski instructor, level one...

So my two girls went with tata for the skiing lessons. Zuzia announced today that she is going to learn "the grown up " style of skiing. That means no pizza stopping. It sounded very serious. Kiki is in Race Development program. She is learning a lot of new techniques, but she is still waiting to race. The competition is her thing. She loves the rush of adrenaline...

I settled down for a cup of decaf coffee and almost paleo breakfast. Few readings from my lovely Polish prayer book. A thoughtful gift from my mother in law.


Kubus is watching PBS again. No, I am not such an awful mother, He does other things too. But sometimes I do need a babysitter and so far PBS kids is reliable and inexpensive alternative:)

So it is Saturday, on Saturdays Polish born and bred women clean their houses. Just a couple of years ago I was just as crazy. The cleaning included washing ALL the floors on my KNEES in the whole house. I have wisen up since then, I do it when it is neccesary. But still dusting here and there, vacuuming and cleaning two bathrooms will take me a couple of hours. Help from a little someone, doesn`t make my work shorter:)

                         Helping to make scrambled egg yolks with sweet potato for lunch, YUM!

So that`s what on my list today, plus a little bit of knitting, and crafting with kids, and maybe shopping:( and Cafe Luna dinner, gotta use the Groupon, and finely a relaxing evening with a Andrzej, a glass of wine and not too serious movie from Netflix. Tomorrow is Sunday after all and the waking up forecast looks promising...between 7 and 7:30 am:),


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