January 31, 2014

7 quick takes on Friday

So I woke up with the headache today. On top of my discomfort due to the severe anxiety issues, a headache.  Instead of going to Zumba class I curled up on sofa and rested. It did not put me in the good mood.
I don't know about others, but feeling sick gets me into making poor choices. One of the was eating a bag of potato chips. And it wasn't a small one. I can say that I shared it with Kubus, but that would be a lie. He had a small portion of it. I can blame it on not feeling well or on Andrzej. He keeps buying them... ( I think he had a Superbowl in mind ). I regret my choice. I am having peppermint tea right now...

Speaking of temptations...I am trying to eat right ( disregard the # 2  please); but the only thing I can not resist, is chocolate. Especially the one from Trader Joe's. Good thing that Lent is coming. It is going to be a good sacrifice and a lot of temptation!

I had not a pleasant conversation with a billing department from Kubus otolaryngologist office. Honestly some doctors are as dishonest as lawyers and unions! Last December during the regular visit doctor pulled something out of Kubus' nose. It was small and the event lasted 2 seconds. Then came the billing...on top of regular payment for a 10 minute visit and my copayment, the doctor charged (  I do not know how much ) for a "surgical procedure "! Enough for us to be responsible for deductible. Over $250 for two second removal of dried bug... ( I skipped the full description ). If anybody is interested in the name of that dishonest doctor, let me know. I know I am not going to visit him anymore...
On Kubus subject. He is such a joy! I could not help sharing a picture of him playing with lego "firetruck" which his good sister Zuzia build for him. Gimli worked as a firefighter:)

Speaking of my children. Kateri is very busy those two weeks ( we are in the middle of them ). I rarely see her anymore. I have to arrange for some mother/daughter date in a near future, and start planning her birthday party. Coming very soon!
Last but not least, Zuzia is enjoying time with dad. She has skipped last few hours of school today to go skiing with Andrzej. They will come back late and I will miss having them away on Friday evening, but I 'll bet they are going to have a wonderful time!
Sometimes I feel like that there should be at least 20 quick takes, but then who would read them all!

January 30, 2014

Theme Thursday: Barns


I went for a walk today, to join Cari for a theme Thursday edition.
Luckily for me I live within half a mile from this barn; even though I live in the city!
 On that, thirty degree, day I put Kubus in the jogger, took the camera in my hand, and told him that mommy has to take a picture of a barn to put it in her blog post today. He agreed to go. We just had to crossed a busy street and avoid curious looks from the drivers. But the outcome, I think, is good.

The barn belongs to the historical homestead build in 1767. It is very well taken care of.
I do not know who the owners are, but I know that I pass it sometimes a couple times a day.
I let myself take pictures also of the actual house and the "carriage garage".
If somebody can correct me and enlighten me with new vocabulary word that names this kind of a building, I will be very thankful!


January 29, 2014

Yarn along and crazy hair day:)

Zuzanna had a crazy hair day in the school today.
I think I get the most boring ideas for this kind of hairdo, but my child doesn't mind, and thinks that it is hilarious. So I took a picture, or few. Coincidentally she was wearing a tunic that I knitted. I am breaking the rules at this point, because I knitted it a year ago, but I am really fond of that dress, and since I never shared that work before, I am going to do it now in Yarn Along. And maybe by next week my orange vest will be finally ready to show it off!

The pattern for the tunic I got from the raverly, which I use very often, but I don't keep my notes. I know I should, and one day I will work on it diligently. I do like knitting and crocheting ( at least that is what I am telling myself ).

As for reading, this time I got into more ambitious literature. Something for the body and for the soul:)


The "Grain Brain", by David Perlmutter, has convinced me even more to stick to the gluten-free/paleo diet. 
About two years ago I have found out that I have gluten allergy, not just intolerance. I had stuck to paleo diet for few months. But then for different occasion and trips, I did not want to make a fuss about myself and I indulged in gluten products again.
I am firm believer though, that the gluten and is like a poison not good for the body, even for those without gluten issues.

Another problem that the author addresses is the sugar itself. It is the greatest addictive substance.
He also makes a good point that fat is good for us ( the good fat ), and especially for our brain. The carbs are, de facto, making us fat.

As for Dr. Scott Hahn, I can read anything by him, and get the spiritual uplifting. In the case of this book , " Signs of Life, 40 catholic customs and their biblical roots",  even though I have grown up in Catholic faith, I still find so many things I did not know. It will definitely change the way I look at different customs of Catholic church.

I promise, that by next week I will have my vest ready, ( unless it won't for different reasons )!


January 25, 2014

7 quick takes on Saturday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes: Feverish rambling edition
I am late with my takes, but better late than never. I could have pass, but there was one special celebration that requires mentioning:)
Andrzej's birthday. He is now well into his forties, and it is hard to believe but I have loved him since his  second decade and now into the fifth one! Strange thing, the passing time...

I messed up last week. It was a year since I started this public diary of mine, and I have not mentioned it on January 18... I am doing it now...
What  I have learnt from this year, ( apart from mentioning that it was my worst year ever, ) that the blogging part is fun. I am glad I am doing it, even though it takes time, and words to put in. And I am not good with any of those things.
 I especially enjoy taking pictures, but still I have a lot to learn. The sharpness is not the best when it comes to the slow speed. Maybe I just need a better camera?
The weather this week; cold and a little bit of snowy. Enough for the kids to have snow day, and for Andrzej to work from home. Too bad I suffered migraine that day. Unfortunately there is not enough snow to dust off my skis; and I was hoping for tomorrow...

And lastly, the sniffles and coughs are not leaving this house for now. Kubus is taking antibiotic for his bronchitis. I hope the rest of us will get better without the visits to the doctor office.
Here they are, my very random takes, like my life sometimes:)

January 23, 2014

Theme Thursday: Catching People Unawares

As I am trying really, really, hard to catch up with this blog.
Today I will join just for short post while linking up to Cari.
I hope to come back here more often. After all the life goes so fast, that it is really nice to go back sometimes and catch the daily living in the past. Sometimes I might even learn from myself:)
But for now, here is the "Catching people unawares".


January 15, 2014

Yarn Along and other things

It has been a couple months since I have linked up to the Yarn Along.
I was working on some projects but not as diligently as other ladies.
I had crocheted few Christmas ornaments with hope that one day the whole Christmas tree will be filled with homemade decorations. I liked how they looked...but not on the Christmas tree. Nevertheless I put them up...

As for knitting project I have to humbly admit that I am still working on the vest. The good news is that I am making progress and the winter is not over yet, the bad one is that it is taking me sooo long!


As for reading, again nothing ambitious. Something that goes quickly and doesn't not require a lot of thinking. I guess I am in lazy, relaxed state of mind:)

I have just finished "Knit the Season" by Kate Jacobs. Easy, naive, not complicated and rather boring story. I picked it up, because I liked the first one of the series " A Friday Night Knitting Club". I guess the knitting part sounded attractive.

I am still in the mood for uncomplicated reading, because I have just picked up "Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks. He is the only romance writer that I can handle. I wonder if I like it.

I am glad that we have a spring like weather between the winter colds. Kubus was very happy to enjoy the backyard, trucks and mud. Now we are waiting for Saturday snow. Who knows, after Andrzej's skiing escapades , maybe is my time to get on the trails:)


January 11, 2014

The after days...

 The nativity scene at the beginning of the season :)

Enjoying the Christmas lights!

A perfect present for a little trucker:)

During construction times. The after pictures, another time...

Kubus' favorite game of the season.

I took some time off from blogging. Except from the anniversary post:)
And I meant to return earlier, but the blogger did not want to load my pictures! What is a blog without pictures? Since I am not a writer, it is not worth much; and my family in Poland is waiting for the pictures:)

Those days before Christmas were full of preparations, then came celebrating, caroling, good food, anniversary and a little bit of construction. As for anniversary, somebody has suggested to celebrate it throughout the whole year, and we are planning to do just that!!!

But as for now girls went back to school and Andrzej back to work.
No, I was not looking forward to that. I always dread those days. It takes me time to go back to the routine. The weather makes it worse. Particularly the cold! Brrrr!

But the life goes on, and there are homeworks to be attendant to, school lunches to be made, pickups after the school activities, expected and all the organization tasks that are left for the new year to be taken care of.

I also have few resolutions, as almost everybody else. And as I am tempted to write , twenty pounds to lose ( however it may be the truth ), it is not my main purpose of this year.

I promise myself to once and for ever to get rid of anxiety issues, be more joyful, find the Image of God in every person that I meet this year, be better wife, be better mother, and just Be.
 Be present in my life and in my family's life. I will try my best to pay attention to how I respond to people, instead to how they affect me.

I will teach my children speak and understand Polish. Unfortunately they don't use their parents native language.

And those twenty pounds? I am working on them :)

The resolution list is long, but the year had just started. If I accomplish half of my plans I will consider it a good year:)