July 25, 2017

In the woods

Sunday was wonderfully pleasant with 79'F for a high of the day, and with all kids were home after attending different camps the past week, I have requested a late birthday dinner out, and a family hike  before dining.
Those are the special times when nobody complains and everybody has something to enjoy :)


July 19, 2017

One summer afternoon

Sometimes you don't need words. Either because the pictures do the justice or you have no writing skills. This post is an example of the latter :) I am not Kiki. I have no idea where she got her writing talent. It must have skipped few generations! So as she is enjoying visiting colleges in Boston, I try to scribble and share a load of pictures :)


July 17, 2017


Yesterday Kiki has started her College prep camp in Boston. The camp is run by Opus Dei and the accommodations are located in the center of Boston. Convenient and beautiful location.
We took advantage of this trip and visited few places in Boston area called Charlestown.
One was the Bunker Hill tracing the history back to Revolutionary war and the other was a World War II ship. We also wanted to  visit the USS Constitution but it was being renovated so I just snapped a photo. We will come back in the Fall when the work is done.