September 12, 2016

Flying kite on Sunday afternoon

Sundays are reserved for God and family. We are trying to keep it that way.
Since there is nobody else, just the five of us, we are spending them in a small circle of people.
While the weather is still warm and delightful we like to go places. Nothing extravagant .
It can be just a walk on the beach or through the woods.
Yesterday it was beach, and the not particularly sophisticated kite provided quite entertainment :)

September 4, 2016

Crushing waves of Hermine

Well, not really as big as in some other places, but big enough to draw the biggest crowds we have ever seen at the Beaver Tail State Park. The weather was gorgeous, the wind not too strong and the waves spectacular.
 The kids were lured into coming by a promise of hunting for crabs. Always fascinating activity :)


September 2, 2016

The first day

This year all of my kiddoes started the school on the same day.

Kateri is a proud tenth grader in La Salle Academy. I do hope that this year will be better than the last and she will mature academically, socially and spiritually. The future is bright ahead of her as I pray and believe.

Zuzanna as a excited sixth grader started middle school. Everything there is  different and new and also liberating as she pointed. I hope her eagerness will never be diminished.

My little buddy Jacob started kindergarten. It left me lonely and sad on one hand and on the other wondering what the year holds for him.

Those are the beginnings. It is a little stressful and chaotic now but with time everybody will adjust to the new routine and hopefully start working together as a family.
That is my plan for us this year :)