March 3, 2016

The middle of February...

( the draft of this post is waiting to be published for almost two weeks, maybe today is the day )

...the winter vacation happened.
We had planned since November; booking a place to stay and thinking what slopes to visit.
January brought us rude awaking. Bad, challenging days were thrown at us. We had to deal with it and somehow live a normal life.
The trip was lastly on my mind, and honestly I would rather prefer to spend that time rolled up in my bed without being awaken.
But we had to go. We had to do the opposite of what we felt and make the best of what life has to offer at this particular moment.

We went...the weather wasn't really cooperating with us.
The first day was ok but after traveling for few hours all of us were tired.
Nevertheless Kubus tried skiing with daddy and I took girls for XC run. I am sad to announce that they were very eager to go back to the starting point and never do it again :(

Next day brought so much rain and it was just crazy!
Fortunately there was a the beautiful, barn style, library in Jackson that was open and we spent hours in there. We were also hoping for a mountain hike but once we got out of the car we knew that it was impossible!
The next few days my Alpine skiers tried to stay on slopes as long as possible.

Kiki is quite skilled skier and she could managed on her own, Zuzia polished her skiing skills and Kubus did very well and did not want to stop.
Andrzej tried to get the best out of it for himself and I juggled the changing, buckling and unbuckling ski boots and feeding the hungry:)

The rain really messed up the conditions for me and on the last day of our stay I just barely managed to ski on ice ( not fun ) while the kiddoes had fun tubing.

I must say though that it was rather successful trip. Sometimes you just have to get creative and work with what is given to you at the moment.
Somehow I don't think there is any skiing for me this year. There is no snow in weather forecast in the near future. However Andrzej is still planning a trip with girls up north.
That is if there is still snow out there and if Zuzia's swimming meets are going to let her do so. But that is a different story.

Kinga :)