May 31, 2016

The swimmer

The mornings last weekend ended up in the pool for Zuzia and for Andrzej as the spectator and the biggest fan:)
I would like to see her racing too, but waking up the rest of the pack would be considered an accomplishment and by the time we all would be ready, Zuzanna most certainly would be done with her races.
So I just settled down for the phone calls with the updates.
She did really well and we are heading with her to the New England US swimmers competition in July. She is going to race in 50m breaststroke. She has one more chance to make it also in 100m breaststroke.
We are really proud of her and her work!


May 28, 2016


Somebody had his little sandbox enlarged. The trucks needed more space and more sand.

I, on the other hand, took advantage of the free wood planks and made some planters.
Andrzej said that they won't last long due to the fact that the wood was already old and weathered but I will enjoy my eye for the time being :)

May 27, 2016

Feeling like summer!

What better than running half naked through the sprinklers in summer like weather?
Not much :)
Hello summer!!!


May 26, 2016

The bunnies

Look what I have discovered under the kids playset!?
 A couple of awfully cute wild bunnies!
They are patiently waiting for their mommy. I have covered them with grass to protect them against the sun and predators. There are a couple of cats wandering about...