April 24, 2013

Major renovations:)

The truth. Who is really in charge of fixings the stairs:)


April 21, 2013


A silence in the blogosphere. Not a good sign. At least not for me. It has become my hobby recently, hasn't it? It means that I still have to fight whatever there is in me to fight.
The Thursday Theme at Clan Donaldson was...boys. I have one little and one big. The big one is not really posing for photograph, but he should, or maybe I should catch him with a camera more often.

Going back to my little one...
Here he is, with a newly updated car. It belonged to girls, who are too big to fit in now. We took the Barbie stickers off and then added some car ones. Kubus doesn't really care about the color of the car. At least not yet. I think he would be perfectly fine with Barbie stickers on, as long as he can get in and out and check if lights are working ( they are not ), if there is enough gasoline ( zero ) and if it's clean. He loves this part a lot!!!
So here is my boy and his new, purple, with car stickers, truck:)


April 15, 2013

Macro Manual Mode Monday

Joining Sarah, for some manual fun.
Again I played today with my unsophisticated lens extension.
Next time I need to find other, than nature, objects:)


April 14, 2013

The concert and other stuff...

When I tuned off last Monday for a unmeasurable time of silence on the blogosphere, I had no idea what's ahead of me. Yet another week came and went .
The kind that you don't ever want to think about it, and glad to be over, yet your daughter had violin concert and it was fun and you have to go back there anyway!

It was a week of renovations, which did not stressed me out. I had things planned and was happy about the whole process. Kiki had three Seussical rehearsals, three violin rehearsals and one violin concert. I knew it would be tense, but for her. I just wanted be there to help her and encourage. It turned out that I was the one who really needed help. The palpitations/panic attack/ vasovagal syncope/dizziness struck again. The terror sent me to emergency room and Andrzej had to be strong for everybody. Mostly me.

Today on Sunday I am better. The first day of not overwhelming dizziness.

I have planned that post quite differently. I wanted to focus on my violin player and her performance at the concert. So I will try to do it now. In the pictures.

For you Kiki, I want you to remember the fun that you had and the lessons that you learn. Enjoy!!!

It was a Rock and Roll theme concert. I and Zuzia enjoyed it greatly along with a very good friend of mine. Maybe it wasn't perfect as it seemed to me, but as a parent I am always going to look through the pink glasses:)

April 13, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

As a plan and dream of mine for now, is to go back to my daily routine, my daily bread.
The past week was very challenging not only due to the renovations at home, but also to reoccurring health problems of mine. The subjects is long, and as for now discouraging to me, since I have yet to feel better. Nevertheless, I am joining the {phfr} edition at Like Mother, Like Daughter.



I know, those are just weeds from a backyard. And maybe I am weird in that way, but I do enjoy the blooming weeds, including a dandelion. My yard is full of them. The yellow on the green grass looks very spring-y and refreshing and very pretty! Anybody with me ?
All of them but the first one, I shoot in macro. Gotta have fun sometimes! But also, the manual focus is rather challenging. The reason for lack of sharpness...

The hardwood floor on the first floor is put in. And that makes me happy:)
Next week part two. The stairs.
Here again macro photography fun :) I have captured Zuzia's eye. The very inexpensive lens extension that I have, requires using not only manual programing, which I like and mostly shoot in, but also manual focusing. That part is more challenging.
My heart monitor. I need to wear it. Until May. So far so good. Which might mean that my heart palpitations and dizziness and near black out experiences are part of anxiety problems. Somebody, fix me please? I am going NUTS!!!

April 8, 2013

The trouble on Monday

You know the daffodil that I was patiently waiting for it to bloom? It did today...for just a little while.
My little man really got excited too and in the matter of seconds he pulled it off! He felt very proud of himself:) So for now I am enjoying a freshly cut flower from a garden.

He did not finish there. While trying peacefully to eat dinner, Kubus dismantle the cabinet door lock and eventually got hold of my coffee beans. I guess I didn't do good job fastening the bag, because after just one shake, the beans spilled all over the floor!

Kateri was surprised that I took this so calmly. I figured that nothing is going to help my coffee anyway.

I hope for better day tomorrow and seeing the new floor put in. I have yet to see that!


April 7, 2013


I have a little time left to make this post happen. The linking, to Like Mother Like Daughter, is about to be closed and I want to do it, before I close up for about a week. I think. Major renovation is going to take place. OK maybe not this major, but involves shutting off the Internet for a little while.

I am drawn to flowers. It must be the anticipation of spring. The orchid still mesmerizes me with its vibrant color. And the daffodil, I am waiting. Second prediction did not come true either. Not much longer though...
Kiki. She made it to the Pegasus program for gifted children. Even though I do not think that she is THAT gifted, the learning comes very easily to her, and she made through the qualifying exams with flying colors. She repeats every day that she is so happy to be accepted. Now I can blackmail her:)
{funny} and {real}
 Zuzia. She got sick today, but I guess not bad enough to tease me when I tried to take a picture of her.
Kubus playing with the boxes containing the future floor. Poor champ has no idea what is going to happen to his daily routine. On the other hand he might be very interested in the work that will start taking place tomorrow. It is going to be busy, messy week!

April 4, 2013

Pennywise platter post

It is cooking post today and quite by coincidence:)

I had very busy day yesterday and did not plan my dinner properly. Coming late afternoon I knew I have to prepare something, and I did not wanted to ask Andrzej to pick something up on the way home. He would do that, but it is just not me. As long as there is something in the fridge and pantry, I will cook. Let's leave the pick up and eating out for another day.
So I have checked my refrigerator and discovered a couple of grilled sausages. Those, are my kids favorite. Even Kubus likes them, and usually he is picky, it runs in the genes, the girls are too...

In my brainstorming moment, I chopped one big onion and started sauteing it in butter with olive oil in the big frying pot. Then I chopped four medium sized potatoes. I added them to the onions.

At that point I checked my refrigerator again and decided that one big carrot and one big sweet potato will make a nice addition to the pot. I chopped them too:)

I added salt and dry thyme and let it saute for 45 to 50 minutes or until they were tender.

Then I sliced my grilled sausage and put into the pot. I waited until it warmed up, and served the dish.

Some ate just potatoes with sausage, some sweet potato with sausage. The grown ups, not picky part of the family, ate everything else. Over all, nobody complained much. It was yummy and delicious and comforting. The days are still chilly and this meal was perfect for warming up.

Go now to check out other healthy recipes at the nourishing gourment!