April 21, 2013


A silence in the blogosphere. Not a good sign. At least not for me. It has become my hobby recently, hasn't it? It means that I still have to fight whatever there is in me to fight.
The Thursday Theme at Clan Donaldson was...boys. I have one little and one big. The big one is not really posing for photograph, but he should, or maybe I should catch him with a camera more often.

Going back to my little one...
Here he is, with a newly updated car. It belonged to girls, who are too big to fit in now. We took the Barbie stickers off and then added some car ones. Kubus doesn't really care about the color of the car. At least not yet. I think he would be perfectly fine with Barbie stickers on, as long as he can get in and out and check if lights are working ( they are not ), if there is enough gasoline ( zero ) and if it's clean. He loves this part a lot!!!
So here is my boy and his new, purple, with car stickers, truck:)


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