April 13, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

As a plan and dream of mine for now, is to go back to my daily routine, my daily bread.
The past week was very challenging not only due to the renovations at home, but also to reoccurring health problems of mine. The subjects is long, and as for now discouraging to me, since I have yet to feel better. Nevertheless, I am joining the {phfr} edition at Like Mother, Like Daughter.



I know, those are just weeds from a backyard. And maybe I am weird in that way, but I do enjoy the blooming weeds, including a dandelion. My yard is full of them. The yellow on the green grass looks very spring-y and refreshing and very pretty! Anybody with me ?
All of them but the first one, I shoot in macro. Gotta have fun sometimes! But also, the manual focus is rather challenging. The reason for lack of sharpness...

The hardwood floor on the first floor is put in. And that makes me happy:)
Next week part two. The stairs.
Here again macro photography fun :) I have captured Zuzia's eye. The very inexpensive lens extension that I have, requires using not only manual programing, which I like and mostly shoot in, but also manual focusing. That part is more challenging.
My heart monitor. I need to wear it. Until May. So far so good. Which might mean that my heart palpitations and dizziness and near black out experiences are part of anxiety problems. Somebody, fix me please? I am going NUTS!!!

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