April 3, 2013

Gathering thoughts

As I gather my thoughts today, I look back at the last 10 days and I am very glad that they are behind me...

My health issues started previous Monday, with heart pounding and head spinning and almost fainting feeling, headache, pressure and again the heart racing and awful, awful dizziness!!! They had lasted for a week, with occasional breaks in between.
 Somebody has recommended a cardiologist in Boston, so I made an appointment.  It took us (  I did not dare to drive myself to and through Boston ) 2 hours to get there! The doctor decided, after looking into my blood tests, ECG and other important stuff, that nothing is wrong with me. Except maybe for vasovagal syncope syndrome. While I still have other symptoms, I know for now that I am alive, although not feeling the best, and I need to make sure, that I have something to sit on, in case the fainting feeling comes...

I am grateful to Andrzej, who while recovering from his back problem, took time off and stayed at home with me and kids, and took me to Boston today.
I try to take it easy and rest a lot. It really helps. Girls don't mind. It gives them more time for themselves:)

Watching 3D movie, not caring about the world:)

Easter Sunday came and went, and due to mentioned reasons, we took it easy and unfortunately skipped all the liturgy of holy Triduum. Kids had a good time while blessing the food baskets and indulging in chocolate eggs afterwards. They also enjoyed backyard egg hunt on Sunday. I took few pictures, but must say that after looking at my friends Easter-ly, beautifully dressed up, egg hunting children, I feel bad, that I let mine slip into comfy clothes. Kubus was all together oblivious to the egg hunt. He preferred the trucks:) No, no family Easter pictures this time.

So we spent Easter Sunday singing Alleluia in church, eating Polish Easter brunch ( very unpleasant meal for our kids, involved eating the real eggs  ), watching some movies and basketball games and eating lamb for Easter dinner. Yet again not our kids favorite. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't better to put macaroni and cheese in front of them. That would make a peaceful dinnertime.

My daffodil blooming prediction for Easter did not come true...
Maybe for Divine Mercy Sunday?

We are back to somewhat routine this week. School, afterschool rehearsals, dinners, trucks, libraries and filling out the 200 raffle tickets. For fundraising. Did I ever mentioned that I hate fundraisings? Yep, not my cup of decaf, but I have to, mandatory...

 I am planning to go back to my blogging routine though, and include some recipes and books and knitting, sewing...come what may!

So for now I am looking ahead with much clearer head than a week ago. The days are longer, the seeds and bulbs are waiting to be planted, the birds are singing even late in the evening. I can enjoy again a late movie date on the coach with my hubby and have plans for the future. From the perspective of the last week, I have to say, it doesn't get better than that:)


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