March 30, 2013

My Holy Week


I have decided to take a week off from blogging and concentrate on the events of Holy Week.
No manual mode Monday, or Tuesday in the kitchen or needle and thread or Thursday theme...and so on. I was planning to do more prayer, contemplation, spiritual reading, Easter reading with children, Holy Triduum liturgy and cleaning, and cooking and baking...:)

My week started not as I, or my family have planned...

The week consisted of visiting a doctor, an ER, different blood work tests and EKGs.
On Monday I had experienced an unusual dizziness with almost fainting feeling and heart pounding. In the store... with Kubus, very frightening thing. Tuesday and Wednesday went even worse, with uncontrollable shaking and a lot of fear. Fear of what is happening to me, why, and if it ever going to end or is it the end of me? No, I am not ready yet. My kids, my husband still need me. I have work to do here.

 Andrzej had to take care of me, the kids, the house and miss two days of work, not to mention doing shopping for the Easter. I did not want to go out by myself .
The tests came out very good, except for vitamin D ( I really need to move to more sunny place).
I do have an event monitor hooked up to me, and I am awaiting visit with a cardiologist in Boston.
I don't have any diagnosis but I am not as fearful as I was this past week.

And right now I am thankful for a chance to feel a little better, and for warm weather, for a beautiful orchid from Andrzej to brighten my spirits and for Easter tomorrow.

Today I have managed to participate in Holy Saturday events, like making hot cross buns for breakfast, blessing food in Polish parish, cooking food for tomorrow, decorating the egg tree and enjoying the gorgeous weather outside.

Tomorrow is Easter and that makes everything around me new, meaningful and hopeful again:)


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  1. Feel better soon Kinga! Happy Easter. Hope you can get out in the sun! Hugs and prayers.