March 9, 2013

The Last Run

I was ready to pack my skis away and wait for spring, but wasn't meant to be. I have gotten a surprise from a mother nature.

I went to Pulaski Park. Last two days it was snowing in New England, but in Rhode Island not really much.
With a hope that maybe in the most North Western corner of  RI the sky opened up a little more, I went for a run this afternoon.  The conditions were not perfect but they were very good, if you wanted to enjoy a couple miles of XC skiing.
The weather though was perfect. Sunny sky, white, clean snow, temperature in 40s and not even a breeze. If you wanted a fast run, today wasn't for you. If you wanted a good work out, today was the day. I got 5 miles of it. It felt good but I had to work hard through a soft snow.

As a child I loved the snow, even though the only available entertainment was sledding. The town that I grew up was surrounded by hills. Comparing to the ones in RI, there were quite impressive.

As a teenager I started to dislike the snow. For sledding I was a little too old. As for other winter activities a little, well, too poor. Then came the commuting to college. No, it wasn't fun.
On the other hand, while dating Andrzej, I hiked in the snow, in Tatras. Not the peaks, but high enough to feel the challenge.
Then we left our cold country and moved to Texas. The winters there, are to die for. Christmas in light sweater, New Year in a t-shirt. No complains. I really liked it and did not miss the snow.
When we changed the states and with states the climate, we had to supply ourselves with warm clothing.
The first winter wasn't fun. A lot of snow. The second even worse. At that point the only activity was pulling little Kateri in the sled. I did not like it. The Spring was welcomed with a big relief. Years went by, Zuzanna joined the family. In 2006 we decided to give skiing a try. Kateri was strong and willing. Andrzej wanted experience something new and I just wanted to wait and see.

It had happened. Kateri picked up quickly. Andrzej even faster. It has became such a big hobby of his, that in two consecutive years he took an skiing instructor classes, and became a ski instructor. Now he goes skiing whenever possible.
Kateri is a good skier too and Zuzanna started to enjoy it this year very much and improved a lot. She had skied in Waterville Valley, from the biggest mountain.

I did not feel so much excitement for Alpine skiing and in 2007 I have decide to try XC skiing.
It was in Loon Mountain. The snow was deep and it was early in the morning. The "ski equipment renting" lady dropped me off in the woods, with a caution that sometimes the black bear wake up in the winter, so I need to watch out, and then I went off.

All by myself to the woods with a possibility of meeting a bear!

And... I loved every minute of it! I felt like a child again and I knew I will enjoy every ounce of snow that will fall from the sky from now on.

I don't have a skiing buddy. I was trying. Few promises, but nothing has happened. Andrzej and girls prefer the downhill, even though Zuzanna told me that she will try it someday. I would love that.

I am OK with my time alone though. There is I, woods, snow, peace and my thoughts.
And I really like that a lot.

But this year I had my dose of skiing. I am changing my ski boots for sneakers.
So long white trails. I'll see you next year:)


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