March 14, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} in green

I am killing today two birds, as they say...:)

I can finally join Like mother, Like daughter {phfr} edition, on the day they post it. I am also joining Cari in adventures in photography. Which the adventures seem to be green this week. I guess because St Patrick Day is coming up. Yet, I need to admit...I am not Irish!

A few years back, Kateri tried to convince me, that we actually might be a little bit of Irish, because she was told in school, that everybody has a drop of Irish blood in them!
 I had to disappoint her... No, my child, our blood is 100% Polish. If there is some other mixture added to it, I do not know about it, but I can say with certainty, that is not Irish.
Nevertheless, upon coming to America, and specifically to North East ( in our Texan times, I do not remember big celebrations ), we started to go with the flow and embrace the Irish traditions. So we have a couple of books about St Patrick, and there are some of Leprechauns too. Kids wear something green to school ( not this year though ), and I bake Irish soda bread. I am not fond of corned beef, but potatoes and cabbage are quite welcome. I think that Irish people have few things in common with Polish Cuisine. 

In my garden. Sign of spring. I think and hope that the daffodils will boom for Easter!

Those shrubs are green all year round. I have no idea what they are. They were here when we bought our house 11 years ago. So much for my GREEN thumb!


My happy man with a green garbage truck!
Today is a garbage day in our neighborhood. We went for a walk, and ended up following a big, green garbage truck. I was thinking about taking camera and snapping pictures, but I did not want the garbage workers think that I was spying on them:)
My little boy's green socks:) I know, the bare piggies are much cuter, but I couldn't paint them green!
My green exercise ball. It is loosing its air. Not in use recently, and not because I gave up wii for Lent. I didn't, my girls did. I know, my wii coach has definitely gave up on me...
P.S. The {pretty} pictures are in aperture mode, the rest is in manual. K.


  1. It took my brother, a dedicated genealogist, almost a year of hardcore searching to find a drop of Irish in us. But it was done! So maybe there's still hope for you. ;)

  2. The series of your little guy is precious! His expressions! Great photos!

  3. The dump truck and the socks are adorable pictures!

  4. The happy photos are the best! But I also love the "pretty" one. Don't you just love Aperture mode?

    1. Actually, I prefer the manual, even though it takes me much longer to adjust the speed...Somehow I don't have luck with Av mode:( The pictures posted here are the only ones I like...