March 19, 2013

In the kitchen on St Joseph's day


The day started so snowy and gloomy, that I did not feel like celebrating. At all.

The snow has changed into rain, girls had no school delay and I did not feel like sticking my nose out of the house. Except for the pictures:)

But after lunch, I had pulled myself together and started thinking about the cooking and baking. It was St Joseph's day after all and it required some festivity. I have decided to make some zeppole and wait for help from Zuzia to fill them out with cream. I did not have to ask her twice.

Pizza for dinner seemed appropriate, St Joseph is an official patron of Italy, and there are a lot of Jozef(s) in Poland, so while we are as much Italian as Irish, we can still celebrate!

I also wanted to acknowledge pope Francis inauguration day with Argentinian wine, but the only one found at home was the Chilean wine. The same continent, I thought, and used it as an excuse to open the bottle:)

The wine was good and the celebration was small, short and sweet.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!


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