March 6, 2013

Kiki the Warrior...?

Kateri loves books. If there is a word that better describes the enthusiasm for reading, I would use it. So anybody having an idea, please help me?

I remember reading to her since she was a couple days old. Then came holding her in my arms and reading and looking through picture books. The time that we have spent in the libraries is unaccountable and well justified. One can never feel bad about spending too much time in the library.
She had learnt how to read at quite normal age. Not really big news here. But once she figured it out there was not stopping:)

Now at the age of 12, I have to say, that she had read probably everything that is appropriate for her and above her age.  I can't even remember the titles of the books that she read or the names of their authors. The fantasy, adventure, mystery, a little bit of drama, you name it. It came the time when it is hard to find suitable books for her. Most of them are for adults. We still have to allow her to read the "Hunger Games" trilogy.
As much as I like the Hunger Games, I do not want Kateri to be exposed to the violence and the choices made by the main characters of the book. On the other hand she knows most of the story from her friends at school. I promised her that she can read it over the summer. That will cover one week of vacation...

Which brings me back to a summer vacation almost 2 years ago. At that time Kateri changed schools. In her new school she had gotten a summer assignment. She had to read few books and make a poster about one of them. That's when she "accidentally" discover the "Warriors" and chose those books to make a project about.

If I am not mistaken there are about 30!!! books in the series. I am not counting the graphic books. She "gobbles" the book up, as soon as new comes out. She uses it in her "Scratch" projects ...

...and continues to draw Manga looking cats everywhere ( look up in my valentine post ).

Last year she had a Warrior Birthday party. The kids say it was a blast.  Some of them said, hmm... hmm... that I could make it a profession for myself. Thank you very much:) I am happy how it turned out.
Unfortunately I can't share any pictures, since they are very securely stored in the old computer. They are so secure, that nobody can get them now. Maybe in the future...

With the new book coming up on the beginning of the March, came a promise of a meeting with the author, Erin Hunter. To be exact there are four authors working together. One of them is a driving force behind the idea. Meeting with the author of the favorite series ever, seemed like an awesome idea for birthday present. Coincidence or not, those two dates came close together.

So Andrzej being a good father that he is, took a half of the day off from work, drove with Kateri to another state:) Cambridge,  Massachusetts, and waited with her in line to meet the authors. The meeting was a blast. The discussion was vivid. And the questions were endless. Kateri was an active participant in them all. The enthusiastic fans ranged from young to very, very mature. Supposedly there was a 60 year old man with a pile of Warrior books ready to be sign :)


For now, she has announced this experience as the best birthday present ever!
So far :)


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