March 3, 2013

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 Joining Like mother, Like daughter

This weekend we took a skiing trip to Waterville Valley, NH.

It was pretty. The mountainous landscape, comparing to the flat one in RI, is beautiful.

I have always loved the mountains. Maybe because I grew up close to them, maybe because Andrzej and I used to go hiking when we dated, maybe because we had hiked a big deal of Tatras, and maybe because the mountains wake a happy nostalgia inside of me. Or all of those reasons.



On Saturday I went for a XC run. It was amazing! Almost four whole hours going up and down and around. I think I had covered around 25 km.


In the evening we had a chance to watch fireworks at the town square.The first time experience of fireworks on the wintry sky! Snowflakes were gently falling, trees were lightened and all together atmosphere was very Christmas-y. And it did not bother me at all!
                     Today Andrzej took girls for some downhill skiing.

 They felt very tired but happy after their runs. Kateri for the first time was allowed to ski by herself!


       Kubus did not have any trouble occupying himself. The snow mobiles were very intriguing:)


Unfortunately, everything what's good comes to an end:(  The dirt, mud and wet clothes that  we brought home with were also very real!



  1. Thanks for joining! It all looks really wonderful. We cross-country ski here where we live, but I've never gone somewhere to do it. I would love to go to this place!

    1. Thank you Leila for your comment! I must say that I do enjoy your blog very much. I have found good advice and much needed inspiration there. The {phfr} edition lets me take a little different look at my daily routine, and find beautiful things in my life!