July 29, 2016


Yesterday we visited the colorful sunflower farm and enjoyed yummy ice cream.
We got sunflowers to please my eye and the ice cream to please my kids palate :)


July 24, 2016

Just few pics

Nothing special for today; just playing with my, not so new but not so old either, lenses.
I like how those few pics came out.
Now I just have to remember to hang that camera around my neck everywhere I go :)


July 13, 2016

Wildflowers of Gettysburg

The morning in Gettysburg brought sunny but crisp and refreshing air. It was huge difference in the feel comparing to the hot and humid air in the south.
On the way to and from parking lot, my eyes caught the beauty of wild flowers.
They always make me happier :)
Why can't they grow in my garden instead of the weeds?


July 12, 2016

Being on the road

On the way home, we stopped at the fascinating place, not far away from Atlanta, Stone Mountain. If we knew that this place existed, we would make sure to reserve more time there; a little frightening tram ride up, great mountain views, quick hike down, nice natural trails, supposedly awesome laser show late at night ( we couldn't stay :( ). Very busy and entertaining place, place dedicated to the Confederacy heroes.

A couple of hundred miles up north different story; Gettysburg, dedicated to the Union site and calling it victorious. Sad in the face of such a waste of lives and unnecessary spill of brotherly blood.


July 11, 2016

And on to Panama City Beach :)

The second part of our summer adventure we decided to spend on the white sands of Florida's panhandle.

I certainly dreamed about coffee at the balcony with a beach view and glass of wine in the evening.
It wasn't this romantic but the view was awesome and adding to it some morning beach walks and  enjoying the waves in the late afternoon that's about how much I can summarize my excitement for beach life.

The middle part of the day in my opinion is a torture. I don't like the heat and baking in the sun or splashing in the ocean.

Andrzej with kids however, spend most of the time in the waves and under the waves looking at the various sea creatures.

The three full days passed very quickly and the beach time changed into the memories with the help from summery pictures!