July 4, 2016


Every year we are trying to take one big trip.
This year early on we decided to go to Disney World. It was one of those trips that everybody goes and sometimes kids ask for it so we decided to have it over with and just experience it all.

It wasn't really the first trip to Disney. Twelve years ago while we had only one child and that child was only three and a half years old, we went to Disneyland in California.

Kiki enjoyed it then very much. I think much more then than now...

We thought that the best thing it will be to drive there.
It gave us chance to see part of States that we did not see yet.

We started off on June 18th, coincidentally the exact day that we left for Poland a year before and we came back on July 2nd, exactly a day that we left Poland a year ago! I wonder we are going to do next year!

We drove the whole Saturday being stuck in traffic and falling behind in schedule.
Fortunately at the end of the day the roads emptied and we ended up almost at the border of South Carolina.
That let us have more time on Sunday and in the afternoon we visited Savannah, GA.

Rightfully so this city is recommended for a visit. It has a lot of park squares which feel very refreshing to eyes during hot summer days; it has beautiful trees covered with moss; old brick buildings and many monuments.
It was also special to us, Poles, since we found few places dedicated to the Polish hero, Casmir Pulaski, who fought in revolutionary war.

We left Savannah late in the afternoon to head for the oldest city in USA, St. Augustine, FL.

St. Augustine is unique as well and I am so glad that on Monday morning we found time to enjoy that city. A little history for everyone.


Later on we ended up at the Disney resort, but that is for tomorrow :)

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