July 8, 2016

After the break

We have gathered enough strength to face day three and four. I don't know how others do it continuously . I guess they don't have a crazy schedule like us :)

The next park on our list was the Hollywood Studios which was Kiki's favorite.
In our opinion though the Great movie ride was highly overrated and did not deserve a fast pass! The Frozen show was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed it greatly even though we are not Frozen crazy :)

Saturday brought us to Epcot, my favorite place with the awesome Soaring ride. The best one in whole Disney World! We closed the day and the whole adventure with the great fireworks show: Illuminations.

The whole Disney experience was great. My regret is that while staying at the Disney resort we couldn't really take full advantage of the resort because we were busy having fun at the parks !

I have to admit that even though it is not my cup of tea, I have enjoyed it, however I am not ready to come back for the next at least five years; I can even say that one Disney trip is enough for the lifetime, there are other places that are waiting for us to  visit :)




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