June 10, 2015

The last breath of school

Presentation of "Unravel"in the library
Giving the presentation in school

Zuzia and her award

Reading an excerpt from her book

Kiki's graduation

With best friends
After the concert

I better write this post or at least post some pictures before the school is over and the summer comes crushing in:)

My girls had very busy the end of the school year.

Actually Kateri is done, having had her graduation last Saturday. She is relieved that all the tests, exams, exhibitions, independent investigation projects are thing of the past. This girl now is sleeping long and looking forward family trips and other summer activities.

Zuzia was quite excited about her own project; writing a book, and oh my did she write!!! I believe her book was the longest of the whole class. I know, I was at there at the book presentation! But she had an idea and wanted to put all of in her book.
Both of the girls also took part in BASICS program and performed at the concert. Kiki as a volunteer helping with the young violinists, Zuzia as an not so eager guitar player.
I have work cut out for me in the summer to make sure that they practice. I think I watch too much of Willis Clan show at this moment, but that family's work ethics and desire to excel inspires me!!!

But for now I can't wait for vacation, and knowing our plans, it should be an awesome one.
 God willing!!!

Kinga :)