November 22, 2016

Pulaski Park

We took advantage of the last warm day of this fall ( as of now ) and enjoyed the walk in my favorite place in RI, Pulaski Park. Weather permitting I am going to come back there in winter and do some XC skiing :)



November 15, 2016

Snake Den state park

The kids needed a little motivation, but once on the trail they did not complain.
Another gorgeous November day, another family time outdoors :)


November 11, 2016

Warm days of November

If the rest of fall and the whole winter were as nice as those few days in November, I would not complain.
I do like snow, but if I wanted to see it I would head up north.
The sun and the warmth are just so calming and relaxing.
Due to some obligations that kept us home, we did not travel anywhere. However the backyard was enough to enjoy the outdoors.
And it looks like this weather will stay with us for a little longer:)

November 10, 2016


Kubus turned six, and he did not ask anybody's permission!
Good that at that age he still loves his mama and small things make him happy.

I have thought about organizing him a big birthday party, but due to our ongoing construction I had to let go off that plan. Next year for sure!

He had one faithful friend surprising him and that made his day.

We love you to the moon and back young man, please don't grow up too fast :)


November 9, 2016

October on the farm

A have been slacking with my posts for the past few weeks.
There are few ( people ) that remind me of it from time to time :)

On one of the glorious days in October we repeated our farm adventures from last year.
It was a well spent time with family but we decided that next year we are going to upgrade our fall farm experience to a race in a challenging corn maze :)