January 17, 2018

Update - the Halloween 2017

The annual pictures from Halloween 2017...almost 3 months too late, but better late than never, right?! Another of my hypothetical New Year resolutions :)
Jacob was Chris Kratt from The Wild Kratts, Zuzanna, I have already forgotten, but some character from Japanese anime, and Kiki, well Kiki and Jiji from "Kiki Delivery Services".
The costumes suited them well, I believe were well done ( not bragging too much ;) and the amount of candy collected that evening was ridiculous !!!
Good, that they have willing parents to help consuming the sweets :)

January 15, 2018

Monadnock hike

It is not my New Year resolution, but I have decided to dust off my old blog and update it a little... To do so, I have to go back a couple months into 2017 and to the beginning of September...
For a Labor Day weekend we took a quite strenuous and long hike up the Mount of Monadnock.
It was long, crowded, difficult and painful; but what a Joy to look around at the beautiful surroundings, have a good workout and most of all do it with the whole family!
I wish I could say that we have to do it few times a month, but as of January it was our last family hike. With school and work and different kind of activities it wasn't quite possible...
Well there is still time! Right?

September 8, 2017

Fishing for clams

Two weeks ago we still had a glorious summer vacation. It was time for sleeping in, almost no schedule ( especially during the last two weeks ) and the promised clam fishing. We had to wait for a low tide.
The weather was splendid, so I took a book, a camera, Frisbee disc ( for later ) and joined the fishermen crew :)

We have managed to make a clam chowder from the gathered clams; Jacob and Andrzej caught enough of them :)


September 1, 2017

The cabin


The cabin was as vintage as the cars and gas station. The last one of ten that was original built in 1940s.
Old but well maintained.
After the initial "omg I forgot how small it is and there are five of us", we settled down and got used to quite quickly. There was one complain though; the owner had way, way too many articles in his cabin; too many towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, books, games,  pots, cups and endless cleaning supplies.
All of those very unnecessary things took a lot of space which meant that our belongings had to stay in suitcases and bags.
Nevertheless we liked it, and if we were on the market to buy a cabin I wouldn't mind getting such one :)
On the last day on the lake it was raining. Not the Harvey rain, but it lasted all day long. I can only imagine how horrible the rain might sound to the good Texans now :(

We stayed in the cabin most of the day with a break for library in town and pizza. Andrzej braved out and went for swim/sauna/swim/sauna/swim/sauna adventure and he liked it quite much :)

Later we said good bye with tears from Kubus who gets attached very quickly to new places. Fortunately the thought of getting home and playing with his favorite lego, put a smile on his face.
Until next year :)


August 29, 2017


On the way between Zuzia's camp and our lake cabin we have encountered a few vintage gas stations. If I could put in the child's description I would have said that they were adorable; colorful, well polished and with a shine. They were interesting to look and to snap a few pics. And for those who know me it was quite obvious that I want to stop and look at them.
I enjoy old, "archaic" looking things, ( no surprise that archives class was my favorite one in college ) even though I have yet to own one :) One of those days...