May 23, 2017

The publishing party

My, not so little anymore , boy is quickly approaching the end of kindergarten.
Years before this one there was an official "graduation" for kindergarteners. I still don't understand why there had to be a graduation so I am fine with not having one this year. Apparently it made other moms upset so instead of graduation there was a publishing party.
It looked like this : each child had a chance to share who s/he wants to be when s/he grows up and why. Then everybody gathered in the classrooms where children presented their books and signed them.
The whole "party " was cute and I think it was even better than the whole "graduation". They really did something fun and have a great souvenir for the rest of their lives.



May 16, 2017


Today we could finally enjoy the spring; it was such a gorgeous day!

I have "dedicated" that day for yardwork. The backyard, side yard and front yard desperately needed it.
It did not seem like much, but after morning run, those "ups and downs" on my knees, really took a toll. My body aches... I guess I am not getting any younger and my birthday is round the corner. But it won't stop me from enjoying my humble piece of land, and there is still so much to do.

Kinga :)

May 11, 2017

Battlefields of Virginia

My final instalment of the pictures from the Washington DC trip.
We have ventured out south to Fredericksburg and back around Washington through Pennsylvania. We wanted to visit the battlefields of Virginia were Confederates won battles ( Andrzej being the driving force here ) and also to omit the traffic of Washington, Baltimore and New York City. We had succeeded at the first part of the plan.
The final pictures of the trip under the glorious sunny sky! ( as of now we are still waiting for the spring to come to RI. )


May 8, 2017


I was delighted to have captured this glorious gift of God that was bestowed upon the sky in Rhode Island late Saturday afternoon. The same double rainbow, but I could not get enough. Of course the pictures don't do the justice :)


May 5, 2017

Visiting Pandas

While visiting Washington, we couldn't pass the Zoo. For two reasons; it was free ( not counting the parking fee ) and it had Pandas.
Right after we saw them, Andrzej said that we are done and we can leave :)
We didn't and it turned out that his favorite place was Amazonia.
I am not really huge fan of the Zoos, but I am surely glad to see the playful and adorable pandas, which btw are closer relative to the raccoon family than bears ! Did not know about that :)

Kinga :)