August 29, 2017


On the way between Zuzia's camp and our lake cabin we have encountered a few vintage gas stations. If I could put in the child's description I would have said that they were adorable; colorful, well polished and with a shine. They were interesting to look and to snap a few pics. And for those who know me it was quite obvious that I want to stop and look at them.
I enjoy old, "archaic" looking things, ( no surprise that archives class was my favorite one in college ) even though I have yet to own one :) One of those days...

August 27, 2017

A little bit of hiking

We enjoyed the time at the lake for a lot of different reasons and one of them was hiking!
Few trips, nothing special, enough to enjoy the views of the lakes and stretch the legs.
NH has a multitude of great hikes suitable for everyone.
Of course we can't compare it to our Mount Washington hike with Kubus three years ago; it was wonderfully exhausting and still on my list to do with all of our children on their own legs, but I don't see it coming any time soon. They need to mature to make that ambitious decision. However I firmly believe in the power of genes and I think our kids have "it" in them.
But for now we settle for whatever we can, if it means an hour and a half of an easy climb.



August 25, 2017

Our lake getaway

The story in pictures might be just an excuse for not having much desire to write:)
The Lake Winnipesaukee was lovely as always and every time we come I am more and more drawn to that place. We could get ourselves the cabin on the lake but after thinking it over it is not practical. At least not yet.
I am just beginning to show off what I have captured, so the story will continue...

August 24, 2017

Harvest from my garden

It looks that my garden is getting smaller and smaller every year. Maybe there is lack of energy or enthusiasm on my side or maybe because other members of my family could care less.
But whatever grew was used for a purpose so, the cucumbers and tomatoes for a salad, zucchini and tomatoes for "leczo" and zucchini itself for chocolate and lemon cakes. The cakes were happily devoured during our lake stay and every family member was pleased them.


I don't make promises for next year. I am always full of ideas in the beginning of the spring. Maybe next year will be better maybe worse. Maybe I need to change the placement of my garden or just pay more attention to it. For now I am still picking up few blackberries a day and waiting for the first pears to be ready for picking. Until next season...



August 9, 2017


The other day Zuzia turned 12. She did not ask the permission. It just happened :)
There was a sleepover party with few friends, a lot of laughter, noise and a lesson about real friendships. These lessons might be hard but they are so valuable.

There was time for friends but also for family.
Until you turn 13, have a blessed next year of your precious life my dear daughter!

Mama <3