February 21, 2015

Wintery walk

In the "balmy" 32'F, we took a walk to the beach. Partly to watch the seals, which Zuzia and Andrzej were lucky to see; but mostly to have a good time outdoors.
We needed that.
After my disappointing out of school week, it was good to "do" something.


February 16, 2015

Snowy weekend


At "Mulan".
Zuzia entertaining herself while I was fighting the bad driving conditions!
 Valentine's gift :)

Snow on Saturday and Sunday...

  I and the bike path today. At least the Sun was out!
It is gonna last till summer, I am afraid...

Our Valentine/ President weekend was full of snow and snow and one more time snow.
While I don't have to say that to my northeastern friends, the ones from across the ocean or from down south can marvel at our winter this year.
I specifically remember the "Farmer Almanac" predicting colder and wetter winter this year. I think   from now on I will take the "farmer" more seriously. While I don't have to gather the woods, at least  I'll mentally prepare myself.
On Saturday my skills as a winter driver were put to the test. Kateri had her "Mulan" performance at school, as soon as it started snowing. After the show ended we had a long and dangerous ride home. Needless to say I was quite relieved when I pulled in the driveway and very happy when I got inside.

As Saturday being a Valentine's Day, I did not feel slightest jealous looking at the dinner dates updates on fb. I felt quite happy and warm in my little, yellow house with a bunch of roses, good dinner, plenty of chocolate and a movie to watch.
On Sunday Andrzej spend some time shoveling yet again, and I decided to go for a XC ski run in the neighborhood streets. It was windy, bumpy, extremely cold so after one mile I came back home.

Today we really wanted to do some nature winter walk, but the weather kept us home again. I think for the first time ever, I get to experience cabin fever. And it is not going to end any time soon ( according to the weather forecast ). I am greatly afraid that this winter vacation we are just going to be "stuck" at home!!!

I am getting more convinced that people living in the northern hemisphere are meant to hibernate; we are having very hard time getting up in the morning. And by morning I don't mean 6 am, rather kind of closer to 9 am!
Nevertheless we were up and kind of running today, which prompted me to try the bike path for my skiing.
The whole path belonged to me, together with the snow. It was not groomed or packed, but I had good time enjoying the fresh air. Surprisingly the wind was not bothering me and the sun really warmed me up ( and the warm clothes and double gloves ). So I gotta say I took advantage of all that snow! And with more on the way ( as soon as tomorrow ), I think I might enjoy the skiing this year all the way till summer .


February 12, 2015


On this Fat Thursday I decided to forgo any type of cooking or frying or baking greasy, fatty, sugary things. I went to Dunkin Donuts and bought a dozen of them. My kids were happy, because I rarely do it. We don't have the "after church donut tradition " and I am planning to keep it that way. Once a year though they can get spoiled!
Happy and sweet Fat Thursday, and Friday and all the way to Fat Tuesday!


February 6, 2015

The wig

Yesterday my three kids played in the same room; or rather stayed together even though everybody was doing different things. Kiki was studying ( which always makes me wonder how much time she actually spends doing it ), Zuzia was doing her homework and I was helping her with the words sorting, which is so much worse that memorizing the spelling words every week. Kubus just was hanging with us and pulling things out of the girls closet.
He had found Kiki"s Halloween wig and put it on. I must say he got everybody's attention right away and that made him embarrassed . He took the wig off and did not want put it back again.
And that's too bad because  he looked very adorable and I had a glimpse of  a third girl ( I would never, ever change my little, dream boy !)
Nevertheless I wanted to take pictures. He did not go for it. I wanted to pay him a dollar, he said he can take the dollar but no picture:) I promised him he can watch a truck show. Nope, it did not go for it neither.
Quite disappointing...
But today he changed his tune and when I asked him to "model" for me for a dollar, he said all right, but he does not want to see! I'll take that.

I that's what I got:

Makes me smile every time I look at it!

February 4, 2015

Yarn Along

I dusted off my knitting needles, picked up some yarn and joined Ginny for Yarn Along!

Zuzia really wanted a scarf. She has discovered the secret of feeling warm and cozy during this particularly cold and snowy winter. She has been wearing my scarf. But mine is a present from Andrzej since before we were married and I am quite sentimental. I do not want her to lose it.
So I made her a scarf.
My older, less demanding ( in the clothing department ) daughter was a need of a hat.
So I made her a hat.
She even wore it few times, but now it is forgotten; and it is still cold. I am a firm believer in hats. Supposedly 75% of the body heat  escapes from through the head. With the temperature coming on being -4 F on Friday morning when it is time to go to school, she IS going to wear need it!

My pretty Zuzia, modeling both :)
As for my reading, I was in search for a good, light, entertaining book. Via CatholicMom website I have found few suggestions. Some of them are waiting already in the library for me.
But I am reading nevertheless, concentrating on the healing my body - I found good although not perfect relief from the "The Tapping Solution" , and enriching my spiritual/religious life - with "Holiness for Everyone".

I am not disappointed with any of those choices. I rather find them very helpful and incredibly inspiring!
Happy knitting and reading! Two very good choices for our cold New England winter!

February 2, 2015

On Candlemas and other things

Between the snow storms and snow days off from school, and going skiing, which fall into category of winter, I have almost forgotten that today is The Presentation of the Lord Feast and Candlemas.
So while my family and friends in Poland were taking the Christmas trees down, and going to the Mass, we tried to make candles of different shapes and colors and sizes and ingredients.

We could have a little more fun that usual, since the schools were canceled and we had to do something at home or outside .

As of now, there is no school tomorrow for neither of my girls, and I think at this point we might just start homeschooling. And I would gladly prefer that way...

Besides enjoying family life I have started my 5 Day Clean Eating challenge. I post pictures of the meals that I eat on the FB page for which I apologize. I am not weird :) it is just a way of supporting each other in the group and getting new ideas!
I think I still have to read the rules though, because I do not know if the 5 days apply to 5 days in all or every 5 days of the work week.

Either way, it is not challenging since it looks that I eat clean most of the time, but I think it is a good way of jump starting whole30, yet again. I seem to be falling off the wagon around fifth day.

My pictures for today come from my new ipod 5 generation, which I enjoy it a little too much ( translation: too much time spending on that device ). And although the quality is much worse that my Nikon, I like the convenience of it!

Lego candles

Paper candles
Dessert candles
Beeswax candle

Our new, daily hobby
 Lego-ing with kids:)