February 2, 2015

On Candlemas and other things

Between the snow storms and snow days off from school, and going skiing, which fall into category of winter, I have almost forgotten that today is The Presentation of the Lord Feast and Candlemas.
So while my family and friends in Poland were taking the Christmas trees down, and going to the Mass, we tried to make candles of different shapes and colors and sizes and ingredients.

We could have a little more fun that usual, since the schools were canceled and we had to do something at home or outside .

As of now, there is no school tomorrow for neither of my girls, and I think at this point we might just start homeschooling. And I would gladly prefer that way...

Besides enjoying family life I have started my 5 Day Clean Eating challenge. I post pictures of the meals that I eat on the FB page for which I apologize. I am not weird :) it is just a way of supporting each other in the group and getting new ideas!
I think I still have to read the rules though, because I do not know if the 5 days apply to 5 days in all or every 5 days of the work week.

Either way, it is not challenging since it looks that I eat clean most of the time, but I think it is a good way of jump starting whole30, yet again. I seem to be falling off the wagon around fifth day.

My pictures for today come from my new ipod 5 generation, which I enjoy it a little too much ( translation: too much time spending on that device ). And although the quality is much worse that my Nikon, I like the convenience of it!

Lego candles

Paper candles
Dessert candles
Beeswax candle

Our new, daily hobby
 Lego-ing with kids:) 

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