February 4, 2015

Yarn Along

I dusted off my knitting needles, picked up some yarn and joined Ginny for Yarn Along!

Zuzia really wanted a scarf. She has discovered the secret of feeling warm and cozy during this particularly cold and snowy winter. She has been wearing my scarf. But mine is a present from Andrzej since before we were married and I am quite sentimental. I do not want her to lose it.
So I made her a scarf.
My older, less demanding ( in the clothing department ) daughter was a need of a hat.
So I made her a hat.
She even wore it few times, but now it is forgotten; and it is still cold. I am a firm believer in hats. Supposedly 75% of the body heat  escapes from through the head. With the temperature coming on being -4 F on Friday morning when it is time to go to school, she IS going to wear need it!

My pretty Zuzia, modeling both :)
As for my reading, I was in search for a good, light, entertaining book. Via CatholicMom website I have found few suggestions. Some of them are waiting already in the library for me.
But I am reading nevertheless, concentrating on the healing my body - I found good although not perfect relief from the "The Tapping Solution" , and enriching my spiritual/religious life - with "Holiness for Everyone".

I am not disappointed with any of those choices. I rather find them very helpful and incredibly inspiring!
Happy knitting and reading! Two very good choices for our cold New England winter!

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