February 6, 2015

The wig

Yesterday my three kids played in the same room; or rather stayed together even though everybody was doing different things. Kiki was studying ( which always makes me wonder how much time she actually spends doing it ), Zuzia was doing her homework and I was helping her with the words sorting, which is so much worse that memorizing the spelling words every week. Kubus just was hanging with us and pulling things out of the girls closet.
He had found Kiki"s Halloween wig and put it on. I must say he got everybody's attention right away and that made him embarrassed . He took the wig off and did not want put it back again.
And that's too bad because  he looked very adorable and I had a glimpse of  a third girl ( I would never, ever change my little, dream boy !)
Nevertheless I wanted to take pictures. He did not go for it. I wanted to pay him a dollar, he said he can take the dollar but no picture:) I promised him he can watch a truck show. Nope, it did not go for it neither.
Quite disappointing...
But today he changed his tune and when I asked him to "model" for me for a dollar, he said all right, but he does not want to see! I'll take that.

I that's what I got:

Makes me smile every time I look at it!

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