February 16, 2015

Snowy weekend


At "Mulan".
Zuzia entertaining herself while I was fighting the bad driving conditions!
 Valentine's gift :)

Snow on Saturday and Sunday...

  I and the bike path today. At least the Sun was out!
It is gonna last till summer, I am afraid...

Our Valentine/ President weekend was full of snow and snow and one more time snow.
While I don't have to say that to my northeastern friends, the ones from across the ocean or from down south can marvel at our winter this year.
I specifically remember the "Farmer Almanac" predicting colder and wetter winter this year. I think   from now on I will take the "farmer" more seriously. While I don't have to gather the woods, at least  I'll mentally prepare myself.
On Saturday my skills as a winter driver were put to the test. Kateri had her "Mulan" performance at school, as soon as it started snowing. After the show ended we had a long and dangerous ride home. Needless to say I was quite relieved when I pulled in the driveway and very happy when I got inside.

As Saturday being a Valentine's Day, I did not feel slightest jealous looking at the dinner dates updates on fb. I felt quite happy and warm in my little, yellow house with a bunch of roses, good dinner, plenty of chocolate and a movie to watch.
On Sunday Andrzej spend some time shoveling yet again, and I decided to go for a XC ski run in the neighborhood streets. It was windy, bumpy, extremely cold so after one mile I came back home.

Today we really wanted to do some nature winter walk, but the weather kept us home again. I think for the first time ever, I get to experience cabin fever. And it is not going to end any time soon ( according to the weather forecast ). I am greatly afraid that this winter vacation we are just going to be "stuck" at home!!!

I am getting more convinced that people living in the northern hemisphere are meant to hibernate; we are having very hard time getting up in the morning. And by morning I don't mean 6 am, rather kind of closer to 9 am!
Nevertheless we were up and kind of running today, which prompted me to try the bike path for my skiing.
The whole path belonged to me, together with the snow. It was not groomed or packed, but I had good time enjoying the fresh air. Surprisingly the wind was not bothering me and the sun really warmed me up ( and the warm clothes and double gloves ). So I gotta say I took advantage of all that snow! And with more on the way ( as soon as tomorrow ), I think I might enjoy the skiing this year all the way till summer .


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