February 12, 2016

Nature walk

We are in the "n" week and while we are not doing a bunch of "n" things we are still doing something.
Yesterday I and Kubus bundled up and went for a nature walk.
The first thought was that there won't be much to see, but then again nature goes with seasons and just because there is a white blanket covering the rocks and stick and bugs, doesn't mean that it won't be interesting.
Just walking through the woods was very calming and relaxing especially when the sun casted great shadows on the snow.
Kubus found himself a stick and enjoyed poking it in the snow. He also liked climbing snow covered rocks and sliding down when possible.
I think one day instead of skiing in the woods I will just walk through the snow...



February 9, 2016

Snowy long weekend

The nature can surprise you in a good way. It can throw snow on Friday and then Monday and thus create a looong unexpected weekend.

As for Friday, yes it was messy but yesterday wasn't really that bad. I think we are getting very soft and teach kids to avoid difficulties. The result won't ever be a good thing.

Having said that I still appreciate having all of us at home.

It was warm and cozy and whoever wanted to explore the outdoors, was welcome to do so.
It gave us an additional chance to play a family board game and watch a movie together.
It gave us time to homeschool for a day and lastly to sleep until eight or nine.

During the weekend I had a good time taking wintery pictures. Andrzej with Zuzia enjoyed the father/daughter dance and Zuzia herself improved herself during Saturday swim meet.

Kubus is very happy with the amount of snow that we have and is very, very helpful with shoveling.
That boy really knows how to work and wants to do it. I have to be sure to provide him with opportunities to do so:)

Wet snowman on Friday

After the storm; glorious sunset.

Daddy with growing too fast Zuzia ( before the dance )
Front yard in magnificent sunrise

Swim meet

On Sunday it was daddy's turn to build a snowman; the creature had mini truck buttons!

We did letter M, just not a lot of pictures. There were mice and moose and math and music!

Monopoly game was coincidently starting with M too.
Zuzia was the big winner, I was out as soon as she bought the four houses!

There is no big snow in the forecast but there is school vacation next week. We might repeat some of the fun then.

February 1, 2016

Library, lego and life

One day I will try to write more. But not yet. Life has been a little crazy, a little hard and very challenging right now.
I hope and pray for some peace and joy. I hope they'll come soon.
The tough job of writing

We really like Leo :)

Leo Lionni for the "L" author
Library mouse was Kubus' favorite book
Visiting library ( at least three times a week )

On the listening ( and not only ) walk