July 5, 2016

The first two days...

After the visit at St. Augustine we departed for Orlando.
It was Monday and we just wanted to gather the strength before the next few busy/hectic days.
We settled down at the hotel and headed for the pool.

The good thing about  Florida is that the water and air are warm at anytime of the day so we stayed there pretty long.

The first day of summer was our first day at the park.
We decided to start with Animal Kingdom, which was Andrzej's as well as Kubus' favorite park and included Kubus' favorite ride the dinosaur ride! He was very brave and went on it three times, some kids were leaving crying...

The next day we visited the famous Magic Kingdom which we were not crazy about due to the incredible crowds turning mob in the late hours!
Few rides however were a lot of fun and I must say we enjoyed the fireworks at the end of the day very much.

After two busy days we needed to take a day off...



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