March 18, 2013

Manual Mode Monday outlook

Outside the window
It is partly sunny, or partly cloudy. Pick and chose:)
There is a heavy snow in the forecast. Girls are hoping for snow day tomorrow. Andrzej has a snow day today. He went skiing. All by HIMSELF for the WHOLE day. Now I know why he is saving the vacation days...

In the kitchen
Nothing special. I am not ambitious the last few days. I had enough energy to make "green" dinner yesterday, to join in celebration of St Patrick day and Irish soda bread. Today I am cooking chicken broth. There are plenty od snuffles and coughs going on among the kids. They need some good nutritious soup.
Tomorrow is St. Joseph solemnity. Maybe something Italian with Argentinian wine? To celebrate with pope Francis?
Next week I am planning my Easter menu. I am Polish, and Polish people bake and prepare o lot of good food for holidays. Never mind that majority of it will end up in our own tummies. I hope not to become a victim of one of the deadly sins - GLUTTONY.

Around the house
Choosing the floor. Few major renovations in a couple of weeks. New wood floor on the first floor.
We were planning to do it three years ago. Couldn't decide on the color! Guess what, our opinions still vastly differ, but I gave up. I just want to have nice floor and NEW furniture in the living room. I am compromising... I know.

I am grateful
For longer days, even the snowy, cold ones; and for the old 200 pound TV. It is gone!!! I claimed the hallway back. It was really embarrassing...

Poor thing. Very stuffed. He had very bad night, and I with him. We are both tired today.
Now he is watching Blues Clues. I can't believe, another round of the blue puppy. It has been 15 years. It has started with a little boy that I was taking care of, in Austin.:)

She brought the snuffles from school last week. She is better today.
Yesterday came up with a new verb. She wanted Andrzej to find something to buy via Internet.
"Tata", she asked, "can you AMAZON it?":):):) Looove it!
This coming Saturday she has First Communion two hour retreat.

Looks like she is having good week so far, and it is only Monday. She won one of those "guess how many candies" jar thing. She invested  $ .50, and was just one number short, 373 out of 374 Jolly Ranchers. Candy anyone?

Toward improving physical health
I started counting my daily, weekly, monthly miles. The ones that I run, or walk or "elliptical". I still have to put the gadget on my blog. The daily mile. I 'll learn in this week.
Yesterday  I did one loop, 1.59 mile. It counted only 17 calories. It sounds a little fishy!
I am going to take two neighborhood loops today. Instead of dinner:)

Watching Father Barron's Catholicism with Andrzej. I do not have words to describe the series. Absolutely amazingly awesome. I could watch it without taking the break. Father's explanation, and logic is down to earth, and his calm passion about the faith and church really is contagious. His knowledge is vast and the pictures are beautiful.

The rest of the week
Preparing for Holy week, and Easter celebration. Finishing up inner and outer cleansing.

Picture I am sharing for Manual Mode Monday
                                                          1/40 F40 ISO200

My very favorite mug. Andrzej brought it for me from Munich a couple of years ago.
It is big enough to hold a good amount of liquid and it is very feminine. It works perfectly for improving mood, especially with hot Earl Grey in it:)


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