March 5, 2013

In the kitchen on Tuesday

I left a lot of things undone in the kitchen recently. And if you know me, I am a person who cooks from the scratch. Even the meals cooked in a restaurant slightly terrify me. I would like to know what's in there, what kind of oil was used, how about MSG, how much sugar and so on.

Since I am on the sugar subject, a note to myself. Next time while buying a hot chocolate in Dunkin Donuts, ask for a third of the original amount of sugar. Even my kids complained that it was too sweet. Really, is a cup of sugar necessary to make a hot chocolate tasty?

Anyway... the things undone in the kitchen...

I had some chicken bones in the refrigerator, so what a person like me is going to do with them?
Throw them out? Wrong. Feed them to a dog? Sorry, no dog here .
I made a chicken stock. I had started cooking it yesterday. The longer, the better:)
The homemade stock ( any kind ) is perfect to improve the taste of soups and add plenty of nutrition. Plus is very easy to make.

Mayonnaise was next on my "to do" list. Since last Fall I have been making mayo from the scratch.
We use it a lot. Andrzej likes it on his lunch sandwiches and I like it on the eggs.
First I was afraid of salmonella, but after reading a little bit about, I decided to give a try.
I use raw, not necessarily organic eggs. Just to make sure that they are OK, I boil them for 50 seconds.
NOBODY got sick...yet:) I do not think I will be ever able to come back to the store bought mayo.
The ingredients really put me off. Not only they are unhealthy, like canola or soybean oils, they are also unpronounceable! My easy recipe contains eggs, salt, garlic, black pepper, paprika and olive oil.
And it tastes delicious.


I haven't baked the bread... since Friday. That's a pretty long time without the fresh bread, if you ask my family. Consider it done. Today:)


Then there was a ricotta cheese. Let's just say that it wasn't fresh  I didn't want to put it on the French Toasts for breakfast. So instead I baked it in the cheesecake cups, or cheese cupcakes or cheesecake cupcakes.  ( Please choose whichever name seems to be more accurate:) )
I think the cupcakes will make nice addition to the lunch boxes.

So at the end of the day I think, that between the doctor appointments in the morning, grocery shopping after, a visit in the library, picking up Zuzanna after school and karate, making Chicken Parmesan for dinner, homework, guitar lesson and watching "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", ( it was promised to Zuzia some time ago ), I have completed the undone.
And I don't feel bad bragging about it:)


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