March 10, 2013

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Kubus is fascinated with the wheeled objects. I know he is a boy, and apparently every boy likes everything what moves, but for our family it is new experience, and it still amazes us.

The trains, the cars, motorcycles, bikes, tricycles, buses, and every possible kind of trucks!!!
Even vacuum cleaners are fine, as long as they have big wheels:)

The best day of the week is garbage day. I am convinced that he knows which day is that.
Other days are good too. The mail truck is here six times a week.

Anytime we go to the library we search for new truck/train books. We get luckier and luckier:)
But I know that the main reason he loves to visit the library is the awesome view of a busy street!

My girls take stuffed animals to their beds. Kubus takes his trucks. Very often at time, when I come to him, I encounter the trucks in his bed.
He talks in his sleep about trucks, truck is the first word he says when he wakes up, and he can have a long dialog with himself. The only word I seem to understand is of course truck.  He also seems to enjoy the car ride very much. I think due to the fact that he can see a lot of trucks on the road.

The ambulances wake him up when he is almost asleep, and he can't wait for Zuzanna to come home from school. She is coming on the yellow bus!

And sometimes, when little boy gets sick, one of the things that seem to be helping, are movies about trucks!

I am capturing the context of contentment in everyday life. Mine, is full of wheels now:)
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  1. Such a handsome little man! My youngest is 17 and having growing pains as he tries to navigate graduating from high school and moving on to college and into semi-adulthood. How I wish he could once again spend his days playing with trucks! Yours are so lucky you blog and save these special moments for them to come back to so they can savor their preciousness when life confounds them. God bless!

    1. Thank you! I can't sympathize with you yet, my oldest one is 12. But yes, I am aware that one day I'll need to face their departure. The reason I started this blog, is what you just wrote. For my children I wish to remember a simple joy in every day life, but for me, a consolation when the nest gets empty...

  2. I still miss having a boy to exclaim with when I pass a truck tow truck towing a truck. Love those boys!!