April 4, 2013

Pennywise platter post

It is cooking post today and quite by coincidence:)

I had very busy day yesterday and did not plan my dinner properly. Coming late afternoon I knew I have to prepare something, and I did not wanted to ask Andrzej to pick something up on the way home. He would do that, but it is just not me. As long as there is something in the fridge and pantry, I will cook. Let's leave the pick up and eating out for another day.
So I have checked my refrigerator and discovered a couple of grilled sausages. Those, are my kids favorite. Even Kubus likes them, and usually he is picky, it runs in the genes, the girls are too...

In my brainstorming moment, I chopped one big onion and started sauteing it in butter with olive oil in the big frying pot. Then I chopped four medium sized potatoes. I added them to the onions.

At that point I checked my refrigerator again and decided that one big carrot and one big sweet potato will make a nice addition to the pot. I chopped them too:)

I added salt and dry thyme and let it saute for 45 to 50 minutes or until they were tender.

Then I sliced my grilled sausage and put into the pot. I waited until it warmed up, and served the dish.

Some ate just potatoes with sausage, some sweet potato with sausage. The grown ups, not picky part of the family, ate everything else. Over all, nobody complained much. It was yummy and delicious and comforting. The days are still chilly and this meal was perfect for warming up.

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